Indian party girls

Desi Party Girls are or were said to be quiet girls. The party for them was the 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm in the near by house regulars. This was the scene for many decades. Desi girls have a lot of taboo in the society. They have no night life aren’t supposed to talk to boys in public, should not share the same seat ( not to mention bed ) with a boy and not to speak loud. Passed on from generation to generation to generation. Strictly adhered to. Clothes are to be worn that cover them completely. Chudidar and half saree for the South Indian girls. They are to hold their books close to the chest area so that the boobs don’t get looked at. All this has just poured oil on the sparks of the onlooking young boys. The side looks are quite a view and is always a hot angle. This was it- the coming of Desi Party Girls were not even there in the wildest dreams.The coming of good colleges far away hostels brought a new light on the Desi Party Girls. They had some socialising now and a lot of night life. Dudes came up with parties and the girls were just obliged to attend. Bangalore has a lot of No Stag pubs and the girls were invited over for free drinks and there were the ones that just went with stags for the drinks- no obligations involved after the party. The invasion of call centers bought in a bevy of these girls who dressed skimpy and dated and frolicked straight and lesbian style. These girls are simply adorable as they can even get you involved in sex after a strip tease for you.