At the village [Part 2]

Next day after lunch, it was customary in my village that everybody takes a few hours rest. They may sleep or just lie down and chat or anything except working. Surely they deserve this relaxation after starting off by 4am and ending the day by 10pm. I was in my room lying down when I heard the door squeek. I turned and saw the maid Kamala entering in silently. She latched the door and came and sat near me in the bed. I was in my lungi and bare on the top. And with breeze coming from the field through the open window and breeze from the ceiling fan, my room was most of the time cool and fresh.

I sat on the bed and immediately pulled her saree pallu away and began to squeeze her breasts. Her breasts where huge with big jutting nipples. I wanted to feel her naked breasts and I started to unhook her blouse. She never wore a bra which the village maids do not bother unless they go out for some function. Her naked breasts jutted out in the air and mesmerized me. She moved her hand and rested on my cock. It immediately started bulging and she began to massage it through my lungi. We were both getting horny and we were acting like some wild beasts. Our touch was hard and we were literally eating each other.

I removed her saree and pulled away her blouse. She removed her inner skirt by herself while I removed my lungi and threw it away. We were both naked now and I make her lie down on the bed. I began to kiss her and she reciprocated by inserting her tongue inside my mouth. I kissed, sucked and licked her mouth and then licked her whole face. I slowly came down and began to suck her nipples. It responded to my tongue and it immediately got erect. She was moaning now and I lowered myself and reached her hips. I spread her thighs and began to lick her cunt. It was already wet and her cunt juice was overflowing.

she hurried me to insert my dick in her and I obliged. I positioned myself and kneeling down I inserted my cock inside her pussy and it went in easily. She was in high fervour and even before I pushed my cock in she lifted her hips and took all of my cock inside her. I began to pump her slowly at first and then gained speed as my urge was getting over me. After some time, I felt I was going to cum and told her. She immediately asked me to stop. With great effort, I slowed down and stopped. She asked me to remove the dick and I slid it out. She made me relax for some time.

Then she made me lie down and bent down to kiss my cock. It pulsated by her kiss. She smiled and then opened her mouth and started giving me a blowjob.It was fantastic and greatly erotic. After some time she came on top of me and began to rid me. She started jumping on me like wild and she bit her lips to silence her moan. Then all of a sudden her cunt started squeezing my cock and I was not able to hold on any longer. We both moaned and groaned at the same time and we came together. We were both sweating profusely and she slid on top of me and relaxed, with my shrunk cock still inside her squirting the last drop of cum.