My crazy tuition teacher

Hi this story is about me and my crazy tution teacher was 39 that time and i was 18. Now i am in 3rdyear doing economics honors and he started teaching me economics in 1st year. I still remember the way he use to look at me was very naughty and lusty. I use to go to his place for tutions that day i had 3hours of tution as i had a test and there was no one at his place.

When i reached his place it was 5 in the morning and i saw him in his boxers. I got really excited after seeing him like this but i dint show it on my face. I remember i was wearing a really short fitted dress and he could see my bra and panty shape. I was sitting in his study room and we started studying but i could see his erection. But i ignored it and started studying then he asked me to wait as he went to the washroom. I got horny after seeing his dick standing i was rubbing my boobs when he was in the washroom and had no clue that he has seen me rubbing them. Then he came from the back and grabbed my boobs i was shocked and asked him what are you doing??? He answered me by saying that um relaxing you’ll feel better after a good boobs massage and it will help me to get better marks but i knew that he was lying to me. I never told him to stop as i was enjoying his hands on my boobs. Then i told him that sir even my pussy is very stressed and after listening that he had a very naughty smile on his face. He embraced me in his arms and took me to his bedroom.

He asked me to stand on the bed and give him a striptease i started doing that and he was enjoying it to the core as i was shaking my boobs and ass very nicely. After seeing my ass he grabbed and started to lick it and bite it at the same time he was holding my boobs i was loving it and i asked him to bite my ass more harder. While biting he started to spank my pussy real hard and it was all red.

I was so aroused i forgot everything and took off his boxer and started licking his dick like a bitch and biting his balls really hard as it was giving him pain he pushed me back and took a bottel of deo and stuffed it in my ass i was moaning like hell and he was enjoying my moans. Then he started to lick my pussy like a dog he was so fast that i started squirting. And i did it on his mouth he licked it all and then he pushed his dick inside me n started to fuck me hard and his deo was fucking my ass i was sitting on his dick n i was facing the wall i started to jump really fast and hard. Then he took me in his arms and insterted his dick in my ass and deo in my pussy and started fucking me i was loving it as i was able to feel his dick totally inside i cummed while he was fucking but i never told him to stop as i was enjoying it alot and even he dint want to stop so he cummed inside and this thing happened for another 2 hours and i ended up by getting pregnant and satisfied. And i dont regret it as it was awesome and its been 3 yrs that we are enjoying these different and crazy sexual encounters.