Breathing sex….

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Breathing sex….


Deep and hot and heavy.

Strained and stressed.


It had started simple. Usual. I had stepped in the threshold of our tiny house. Dropping my bag by the door, I had called out to him. Like I always would.

Little did I know it was an explicit replica of a prey calling out to the lion, informing it’s presence.

He had pranced, much like a predator on sensing prey after days of no hunt. Like his purpose was here. Like his life depended on me.

A small gasp escaped the expanse of my mouth, which he was already claiming. I didn’t see where he had sprung out from. All I knew was that I was needed. Like oxygen to a swimmer. Like water to a flower.

He held me like I was a necessity.

And through the mess of wanting to be everywhere but not being able to, he had dragged me to the confines of our bedroom. I couldn’t see, I could only feel, sensations taking over my entire being.

It was dark in the room. We couldn’t be bother to change that situation. He already had me pressed against the mattress, the weight of his body not allowing me to move. His hand keeping a hold of my chin, while the other supported the weight of his own body.

I could feel his breath raising goosebumps on my body, leaving my still clothed self vulnerable. His breath, so hot and warm and hitting on just the right spots.

His breathe.

So enchanting. Like a spell. I was under his magic, and I didn’t care.

“How was you day?”

So warm, warming my being to the core.

I could barely even hear the question over the ringing in my ears. I was falling, and I was falling fast. I had always wondered why he had such an affect on me. He only had to touch me and I would be out of breath. One kiss and I would be fantasizing where else I would like his perfect lips to land. I was addicted, but I didn’t care.

“You really wanna know?” It was so strained, the remnants of my self control leaking through my words. I didn’t care if I sounded desperate. My body had taken over the moment he had touched me, all rational thoughts flying out the window. And to my luck, my body responded oh-so-well whenever he was involved. I could already feel the burning hot sensation taking over my body.

“God I missed you today.” He whispered against my lips. Everywhere he touched me, I was burning. But still I wanted him close. Closer. More ……

His lips separated from mine, beginning a new journey down my neck, stopping every so often to bite and lick and leave a delicious mark I would have to cover later, but for now I whimpered and gasped and writhed under him.

His one hand supported him while his other traced slow, tantalizing patterns over my thin shirt. He knew he was getting me worked up. He knew. He was getting off of this.

His lips made their way to the top of my collared shirt, nuzzling a little against my peeking chest bone.

“I think we need to talk.” He whispered against my skin, as his hand travelled up my body and gently took a hold of the top bottom of my shirt.

“I may have noticed something.”

My breathing had hitched as his hand slowly opened the top button and moved to terrorize the next.

“I think I may have been neglecting you.”

Four buttons down.

“And that is clearly not acceptable.”

The last button popped. He gently moved his knuckles across the newly exposed skin, causing me to shiver.

“So let me make it up to you.”

His hand slowly moved to the button of my jeans, slightly teasing the exposed area below my navel before popping open the button and slowly tugging down the zipper.

I had lost all coherence in my thoughts and the control of my body. My body was aching, aching for him. For him to do something to me. Anything. Anything to ease the now unbearable knot I felt in my lower region.

It was too dark to make out his facial features, but I knew his eyes were glistening. His breathing was coming out in short bursts. He was only maintaining this false demeanor. Acting like he was calm and cool.

Inside, a war was going on between his rational thoughts and his need to rip off my clothes and do what he had been wanting to since the sun had peeked it’s head beyond the tall trees and I had left him with a cup of coffee and note stating when I will return. I knew because i had experienced it all before.

His hands apparently had a mind of their own, as they peeled off the material of my jeans off my legs, as I gracefully lifted up for him. He needed me, but I needed him all the same.

His fingers skimmed across the material of my panties, down to the spot I was aching the most. I was a gasping and whimpering mess by now. He couldn’t see me, but he know I would have wide blown eyes by now. Eyes full of want. Full of need. For him. Just for him.

As soon as his fingers met the area, he discovered a damp spot, and I let out a sharp hiss of pleasure. The sound did wonders for his ego, and the ever forming tent in his own jeans.

He couldn’t wait any longer. I could tell. My pleasure was his pleasure. My moans were going to warp into his. My release would help him experience his own.

Waisting no time, he removed the last piece of clothing separating my heat, as I let out a moan from above him. He gently grabbed a hold of my raised knees, setting them apart and leaning down.

As soon as he made the contact, his body went into a state of absolute bliss. He could ready feel himself dripping. But now he was sure it would take only a few more minutes until he burst.

And the sounds I was making weren’t helping at all. A repetition of his name like a mantra crossing my pink, swollen lips. My hands having attached themselves to the his hair, tugging and pulling to bring him closer.

Soon I was breathing hard and nearing my end, as was he. Within minutes he had me shouting his name with a mixture of other words of endearment. And with my pleasure surrounding him, he met with his own too. Loosing all his senses all at once.

In that moment he felt so utterly relaxed. Like there was nothing wrong with the world. Like he had everything he wanted, right here, right now.

Slowly he regained his senses, and using his still wobbly limbs to maneuver himself to me. I still had my eyes partially closed, and my breathing hadn’t completely relaxed yet. He slowly took me in his arms, until my head landed on his chest, with his arms wrapped around me. Until I was breathing normally again. Until I was placing tiny kisses all over his chest.

He wouldn’t dare trade this to anyone.

Nor would I.