Mumbai Double- Desi office sex story

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Mumbai Double- desi office sex story

Business trips are always fun, especially when you travel with your boss. You get to stay in expensive hotels and eat the best foods and have the best drinks. There is nothing more splendid, honestly, most especially when you have a major crush on your boss, and the third person that accompanies you is also someone you already have a thing with. Aakash worked in IT and he and I had a thing going on.

It was nothing serious, just a fling… or a series of flings. I liked him because he was crazy and allowed me the opportunity to explore my wildest dreams. And now I was travelling to Mumbai with a man that I was sleeping with and a man that I wanted to sleep with so bad. I knew what was going on in Aakash’s mind throughout the journey. He was already thinking of ways that he would fuck me once we arrived at the hotel.

And that was exactly what happened when we arrived at the Luxury Trident Hotel. Mr. Sumit checked into his suite and Aakash and I also checked into our respective rooms… but not for long. I got a text from Mr. Sumit that he would need me to prepare some notes for the meeting we would be having with Manning the next day. I would need to go to his suite for that. I gulped at the anticipation of all that might happen. But before that, I had business to take care of with Aakash.

He opened his door after the first knock. He dragged me inside immediately my face appeared in view. He immediately started kissing me like my mouth was the last source of oxygen. I unbuttoned his shirt and dragged it down his body as quickly as my hands could. I pushed him back on the bed and fell on him immediately, kissing him slowly on his lips and taking it down his chest until I reached his belt. I chuckled as I took that off and unzipped his jeans. I dragged it down his legs with his underwear and his hard masculine flesh sprang up in delight. I stroked it, keeping my gaze on his eyes before taking my mouth down and placing my tongue on its tip.

I licked it like it was my favorite ice-cream before running my tongue down through the length of his shaft and then I took it all into my mouth. I wanted to pleasure this man who had saved me twice now. I sucked like my life depended on it and stopped when I heard his groans become louder. It couldn’t end yet. I positioned myself on his waiting mouth while giving his fluids time to go back to whence they came. He licked me as I continued to suck him, moaning with all of him inside my mouth. The intensity of his tongue on me was maddening and when he put his hands on my waist, I knew it was time. I quickly turned and planted a kiss on his mouth, tasting my own nectar as I lowered myself on him.

His eyes closed as I began to move my hips. I knew that with how far I had taken him, he would not last long but I did not care. I just wanted him to make me spurt in the shirt period we had. I continued to ride with my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of him in every corner inside of me and before I could think, I was pouring my juices all over him while he also shot his seed deep into me. I fell on top him after my orgasm had died down and before I slept, thoughts of what might happen between Mr. Sumit and I filled my mind.

I was awoken by the sound of my phone. It was a message from Mr. Sumit. He wanted me to come to his suite in thirty minutes to prepare the notes. I checked the time. It was nine o’clock already. I stretched and yawned, before sitting up on the bed, still hidden under the thickness of the duvet.

Aakash was not on the bed anymore. He had a magazine in his hand and he sat just across the room, staring at me. I put on my shirt. He smiled at me and I returned an orotund smile. I needed to pee, and I thought I should tease him a bit. Yes, a little tease won’t be so bad.

I got off the bed and noticed him cast a slight sideward glance. He still concentrated on the magazine he read though. My top barely covered below my waist, and I felt a brush of breeze on that gentle skin. As I walked, I slowly lifted the hem of my top, ever so cautiously, when I saw his neck begin to turn. I quickly looked forward, like I was unaware of my actions.

I knew my behind was in full view and from the corner of my eyes I caught him staring… He was ogling.

I knew I was torturing him. He just saw it all a few hours ago, but it’s no news that once you let go of something, you forget a large percentage of its feel. You could forget your own image if you do not stare at the mirror for a long lime. I reached the entrance of the bathroom and quickly pulled my shirt then jumped on the toilet to pee. I got up and ran the flusher.

Before I left his room, Aakash whispered into my ears [Don’t be a naughty girl, savita] If only he knew how naughty my mind was right there as I prepared to go see Mr. Sumit. Aakash had had his fill of me, but my appetite for pleasure had an elastic end. It was simply limitless, and I was going to test just how much my appetite could stretch when I made Mr. Sumit beg for breath.