I fucked my co-employee

It was a holiday for the office but I had to go to catch up with some pending work. During the last fortnight, I was away on an official tour and my table was stacked with important issues to be updated. To my surprise my co-employee Lucy was also busy working in her cabin. The office was dimly lit and the hum of the air conditioner was soft and soothing. I greeted her and asked what made her cum on a holiday to the office. She told that she was unwell during most part of the earlier week and was trying to clear pendency of work. I smiled at her wished her and proceeded to my work place though thought I would linger on there for some more time to see the pretty faced Lucy. But decency forbid me from doing so and I quietly stepped into my cabin.

Lucy and me were working in the same office for the past eight years. A studious worker, Lucy was popular with all the guys in the office and had earned a name for her hard work. She was reliable and work could be entrusted to her with confidence. A lady in the middle thirties, Lucy was a loner and a very outgoing personality. She mingles with office folk easily and is undoubtedly the apple of eye for most of the male staff. Everyone had an eye on her but she kept them at a distance. A finely structured body with a chubby and cheerful face she has. Many a time I fancied fucking her and masturbated dreaming of her. She dresses very decently and I never could summon the courage to ask her out.

I was busily typing away on my computer when she walked in . I did not hear her footsteps too as I was engrossed in my work. She stood opposite me and handed over a file saying that the boss wanted it to be given to me. Taking it from her hand I could see her closely and she indeed had a fine figure. Her low-neck shirt gave a good glimpse of what lies beneath it. She had perfect shaped boobs and was wearing a skimpy bra which was struggling to hold them. As she walked away from the cabin her rounded buttocks were swaying to her rhythmic walk and it was becoming difficult to hide my erection.
I thought today could be a good day to ask her out as no one else was in the office. With such horny thoughts I followed her into the cabin and sat in the chair opposite her desk. She smiled and got up to put some files in the overhead cabin. As she raised her two hands to place the file, her tight shirt accentuated her shapely boobs and her skirt went up slightly above on her thighs. Her strong pair of thighs were bulging out of her skirt.

I stood up and moved towards her boldly and grabbed her from behind. Cupping her breasts in my two palms I pressed my throbbing cock in to the slit between her two buttocks and pressed it harder. I was desperately in need of a good fuck. To my utter surprise she too was quite hot and was smelling very feminine. She smiled mischievously and pressed her buttocks hard on my tool and winked at me. Her nipple was hardening against my palm as I kept on squeezing her boobs. She leaned back towards me closer and turned her head and kissed me on my cheek and asked what took me so long to venture for her. Emboldened by this, I increased my pressure on her soft boobs and was twitching her nipples in between my fingers which made her cry out in pleasure. She lowered her hands from the filing cabinet and seized my iron rod like cock and gave it a good lunge. It was my turn to moan in pleasure. She led me from her cabin to the boss’s room unlocking it and closing it behind her.

We were facing each other now and both moved towards each other simultaneously and hugged passionately. I grabbed her lips with my mouth and thrust my tongue deeper into her mouth. She too responded with passionate kisses and was pressing her boobs against my chest. Both our lower private parts were touching each other’s and were literally on fire. With one hand I caressed her boobs and nipple and with another caught hold of her skirt and pulled it down. It fell to her knees revealing a near-moist panty. I could imagine how horny she is and pulling down the panty I slid my fingers in between the junction of her two stout thighs. Her nipples were turning hard with my pressing and her pussy was oozing liquids. She unzipped my pant and caught hold of my tool and started running her palm through the length of my red-hot cock. The way she was sliding her hand up and down the length gave me extreme pleasure. I undid her shirt buttons too and made her completely nude. Both of our eyes fell on the cushy sofa in the room and reached it still
hugging, kissing, and finger-fucking each other.

Dear… are we safe doing it here? Do you think no one will walk in to the office at this hour?” she said with trepidation. I too
was unsure of this but my desire to fuck her violently overshadowed everything. My cock was pulsating and I could hardly wait to enter her juicy cunt which I stroked not so long back. I am sure it must be overflowing with juices and I did not
want to lose the opportunity of bathing my cock in those juicy fluids. I said I will lock the main door and did it and resumed where we left. She sat on the sofa with both her legs spread wide and I sat in between them and tickled her pussy hole with my tongue. She pressed my head closer to her cunt and started moaning in pleasure. The more she widened her legs the more my tongue darted into her oozing cunt. I caught hold of her labia Majora with both my lips and pressed it hard. She was quivering in delight and was evidenced by her hold on
my head.
Emboldened, I moved my tongue deeper and savored her oozes in the cunt. With my fingers I squeezed her clit and she felt a current pass through her body. She shuddered in passion as my tongue was dancing down the depth of her vagina and was busily licking the walls of her fleshy vagina. With every thrust of my tongue into her now near-pond-like pussy
she was yelling in pleasure. Squeezing her fleshy thighs with both my hands I increased the speed of my tongue. She caught hold of one of my hands and put it on her clitoral hood and pressed it hard against it. Realizing my folly, I employed two of my fingers and caressed it at first and then slowly increasing the pressure. She was writhing in ecstasy as she shot her cum in my mouth. My face was flooded with a spurt of her juices and I lapped it up gleefully. She almost went hysterical as she was tearing away my hair and shouting abuses to lick her hard and make her cum again. I pressed my face closer to her pussy and licked the whole area even as she lied on the sofa prostrated, fully exhausted by the action.

I got up from her for a while and cleaned my face dry with a hanky. She was half asleep with fatigue as I got up. I extended my hand and lifted her from the sofa and walked her to the adjoining bath room to have a good shower. Once in the shower, I cleaned her pussy well and pressing her boobs invited her to my room in the evening for another round of fucking. She readily agreed and we fixed the time.