My first sex lesson [PART 1]

My first sex lesson [Part – 1]
I was staying with friends in this particular house. Today, I was on leave and did not go to the office. It was about ten in the morning, and I was lazily whiling away time. I came out for fresh air. There she was, the wife of the landlord, washing clothes. I started ogling. This was not new, for me and her, and my two roommates. We spend time stealing glances at her when she comes out for washing clothes, or for water, which is almost every day.

Her name is Sona; she is the second wife of the landlord. Uncle lost his first wife a few years ago. He must be around 45 yrs. Sona is quite young, must be around 27. She is slim; but her ample breasts are real holders. They should be easily above 34, I guess – I am not familiar with these numbers. The landlord has a daughter from the first wife.

Our two-room house is separate building, a little away from the main house.  It is more like an outhouse. The drinking water connection is at our outhouse. So, Sona ‘aunty’ used to come to our house every day for water. Even though she is very young and almost my age – may be a little more than me – we call her aunty because of her husband ‘uncle’. Uncle is a businessman, very busy during the day time. We hardly get to see him. We presumed that he must be hardly fucking Sona because of his age and work. Unmarried, young and single – these ingredients are enough to keep me eternally. For me, every female is a hole to fuck. Jacking off is a daily affair with me; I don’t know about my roommates, though.

We have been staying in this house for about a year now. Sona used to come for water in the mornings when we guys were busy getting ready to get out. On holidays, I used to talk to her about some silly things when she is waiting for her pots to be filled. One of my friends even offered to arrange a hose pipe to her kitchen to save her hardship. Of course, she did not like it. After a couple of months, she changed the schedule to evenings, when I returned from the office; my friends came home late.

I thought she was eyeing me, as I was eyeing her. Sona used to wear those long, ill-fit ‘nighties’ all the time. That ill-fit nature was a blessing in disguise for me. Whenever she bends, I used to have a clean view, well, almost complete, of her huge boobies. Sometimes she would not be wearing a bra, and I used to feast my eyes with the shape of the grand melons hanging. They are so juicy and tempting; it was really hard for me to resist the boobs. I fantasized drinking them, fondling them and kneading them. Immediately after she left, I used to rush to the bathroom to give a hand job to my throbbing dick.

My roommates are into marketing and they were often away in tours, which would be almost half month. But usually both the guys had a different schedule, and therefore either of them would be always in station. It so happened that this month, both of them had tours simultaneously. This left me alone in the house for two weeks.