I am a compuer engineer. I work in madurai in private concern. I have rented the top portion of an independent house near my office. The owners of the house live in the ground floor. They are only two. Husband and wife. Husband Ravi is runs an agency of food products and is a hard worker. He travels often and is at home just 10 days a month. All the while his wife Kavia lives all alone, save the days when her in-laws or her parents visit them for a day or two.

Kavia has a beautiful face with a permanent smile. She socialises with families around the colony and is well known or her smartness and her beauty. Both Kavia and Ravi move with me well and I usually visit them at their home when Ravi is at home. Other than that I keep to myself and work. I leave for work early in the morning and then back late evening after a few drinks and dinner. I hit the sack as soon as I reach back home.

Everytime Ravi has to go out of station, he will tell me and request me to help his wife is any need arises. One day I was back home a little early and as I entered the compound, i saw kavia sitting in the verandah. I smiled at her and we had some light chat. she offered to prepare coffee for me and I gladly accepted. We chatted for some time more and I told her that what her husband requested. she smiled and said “if that is the case, I need you. Can you help me?” she asked. I was dumbstruck for a moment and came back to life only when she started giggling. I was relieved she was jocking. Somewhere inside me I also felt disappointed.

I went back to my place and got ready to sleep after having a refreshing bath. I was reading magazine and it was now around 11pm. My phone rang and it was Kavia. I asked her what and she asked me to come down to her place. I genuinely asked her if there was any problem and she said yes. I did not waste any time and just wore a t-shirt and lungi and went down. The door was open and I entered in. she was sitting on the sofa and asked me to lock the door. I did as she asked and went near her and asked what the problem was.

She seemed like weeping and I asked again what was the problem. I sat next to her to console her. She put her face on my chest and began to cry hard. I could not understand anything and my imagination went wild. I began to ask her again and she said that she was feeling lonely. I was relaxed that nothing drastic has happened and I caressed her hair and let her cry for sometime. But to my anguish, I was getting a hard-on and it was crating a tent in my lungi. I knew she can comfortably look at it. I began to feel restless and took a small cushion from the sofa and placed it on my erect prick.

She pushed it away and placed her hand on my cock. I was shocked for a moment and then felt a jolt of electricity passing through my body. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. She felt nice in my hand and she smelled different. I could not recognize the smell, but it was very attractive. We began to kiss eachother frantically and wildly. Our tongues were playing with each other and our saliva was mixing. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears.

Our kissing was vey passionate and I placed my palm on her breast and began to squeeze it. She moaned and pushed her breast further into my palm. She hand her hand on my cock and she was massaging it. suddenly she stopped and removed her nightie. I removed my t-shirt and lungi and we were both naked now. I scanned her body and it was something I have never seen. Her structure was wonderful. Her skin was fair and smooth. Her breasts were of the right size. Neither big nor small. Her ass was protruding invitingly and her clean shaven cunt was the highlight.

I made her lie down on the sofa and began to kiss her breasts. I licked and sucked her nipples and it responded by getting erect. I slowly moved down and kissed her navel. she twitched and she got goose bumps. I knew she was enjoying. I moved further down and slid my finger in her cunt. It was slightly wet and I caressed her cunt lips. She smelled very pleasant. I kissed her cunt and licked her cunt lips. she spread her legs more and made way for me. I slid my tongue inside her pussy and began to lick her. Her moaning became loud and strong. I lapped up her wetness and in no time she was oozing her cunt juice into my mouth. I licked and licked and it seemed it was never going to stop. I slid my finger inside her oozing cunt and finger fucked her. She was stretching her body and clasped my hair, she bit my arm and twisted her body and then with a mild scream she stood still for a few seconds and then relaxed.

She signaled me to enter her and I stood to take position. She rose up and held my pointed cock. She caressed it and stroked for a few minutes and then moved closer and took it in her mouth. It felt really wonderful and I began to move my hips. She took it inside her mouth and tickled the head with her wet tongue. I thought I was going to cum in her mouth. I wanted to prolong and I removed my stiff cock from her mouth. she looked at me and smiled. I made her lie down and positioned my cock to her pussy and pushed in. It went in without any fuss.

I stared pumping her slowly at first and then as our passion grew, I gained speed and was banging her fast and hard. She was also moving her hips along with me and both were in cloud nine. We both stared groaning and moaning and our voice and the clapping sound of our hips filled the room and it created a very erotic atmosphere. This was making us wild and hot and horny. Out pumping became very fast and hard. We banged and banged and banged and then it happened.

kavia screamed and was still for many many seconds. I was pushing my hips as deep as possible and squirted my semen inside her. I was cuming and cuming. Our love juices were mingling and oozing out of her cunt. We were totally spent and lied like that for a long time. After sometime we cleaned eachother in the bathroom and she prepared snacks to eat. All the while nude. I loved the atmosphere and we went to bed this time. We both knew we were going to spend the rest of the night exploring eachother.