I was alone, and invited my friends home. We had drinks, dinner, and sat for watching TV. About midnight, I felt sleepy. I went to bed asking them to lock the door when they left. I must have fallen asleep immediately. The drinks we had worked on my bladder and woke me. I glanced at the clock and it was 3:30. My wife has not returned yet. I guessed she would come in the morning.Seeing my wife was home I decided to go into the drawing room,  guessing that she must have tired or too sleepy to climb up the stairs and must have slept in the downstairs room.

My wife is about four years younger than me. At twenty six, she is like a model.  She has a beautiful body, a rather huge set of breasts, a slim waist and a wide base.As I walked to the drawing room door in the pitch darkness, I thought I heard some noise. The door was slightly open and a soft light from the street light was seeping in. I was expecting my wife to be deeply in sleep in that room. But what I saw shocked me. There on the bed were two people, fucking. My wife with her legs up in the air. My friend was on her, fucking her.  Their backs were toward me so they had no chance of knowing I was standing there.Suddenly my friend grunted loudly and started fucking my wife as fast as he could. My wife was squealing.

My friend had his orgasm. He lay atop my wife for sometime.A few minutes later my wife came upstairs. She came into the bedroom and went into the bathroom. I pretended I was asleep. I thought she would just clean herself up but she took a shower.  She walked to the bed naked and slept instantly. I started thinking about what had happened and what I was going to do about it. I went to sleep.I am still confused with conflicting thoughts. I have determined not to remind her about the last night.