Bored Wife


Life in apartments is interesting. Particularly when the neighboring house is across your window.

Madhuri was a bored housewife whose husband worked for an MNC’s call center. He used go to the night shift and sleep away like a log most of his day. She was in her late 30’s. Madhuri’s living room window overlooked Sunny’s room. Sunny was a teenage guy.

One afternoon when looking out of her window Madhuri saw Sunny at the computer. Obviously he had no idea that she was watching him. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. He started rubbing it with one hand while the other hand was on the mouse. Madhuri was shocked and could hardly believe her eyes. She could clearly see his cock from her angle. His cock was thick but not very big. But she hadn’t seen teenage dick for 20 years! She quickly got her camera and took pictures of Sunny jerking off. She moved behind the window curtain and watched as Sunny kept shagging his cock until he came. She became horny that her pussy started oozing wetness. Her husband was in deep sleep in another room. She went into bathroom and fingered her pussy to a quick climax.
Madhuri was friends with Sunny’s mom, Archana. That evening she asked Archana if Sunny would help her with computer. Archana called Sunny and asked him to go help Madhuri. He said he’d come over to her place and check her computer after dinner.

By about seven in the evening, Madhuri’s husband got ready and went to work. Madhuri called Archana and said she had prepared dinner for Sunny and he can have it in her house. Archana said ok. In about an hour, Sunny came from his friends place and took bath. His mom reminded him that he had to go to Madhuri’s place and also told him about dinner there. Sunny said ok and slipped into his favorite shorts and an oversized t-shirt. He went to Madhuri’s house and knocked the door.

Madhuri, expecting Sunny, had different plans. She opened the door and asked Sunny to look at her computer while she took a bath. Sunny switched on the computer and he almost shocked to death when he saw pictures of himself with cock in hand. He started clicking through all the photos. He understood she was spying him and her computer had no problem. Meanwhile, Madhuri came from bathroom with a wet t-shirt that covered her ass. She stood at the back of Sunny and explained how much she was aroused watching him. She asked Sunny ‘why do you waste your seed on lifeless pictures? Wouldn’t it be better to have actual sex than jerking off?’
‘mm..may be, but.. but…’ Sunny stuttered.

Madhuri grabbed Sunny by his arm and took him to her bedroom. She undressed him and herself. His huge cock was already throbbing. Madhuri showed him her pussy, her clit and explained how to fuck. She lied on the bed and spread her legs, opening her pussy completely for him. He climbed on her and slipped his cock inside her; he pushed his cock a few times and came. He was worried for he had come quicker than usual.

Madhuri told him not to worry. She played with his cock and it didn’t take long for Madhuri to wake his cock up. This time Sunny controlled his movements and did not hurry. After about an hour or so, Madhuri felt herself coming. She gripped his hips and started fucking him from beneath. She flooded his cock with her cum. He came soon after.

Thereafter, Sunny frequently visited Madhuri’s house and learned to bring her to multiple orgasms.