Mallu aunties

It is every boy’s dream to have sex with a woman a bit elder to him. Just like Oedipus Rex, the only difference being that Oedipus didn’t know what he was doing. This is verily the case when it comes to any teenager. Aunties are world wide. Kerala also has it share and that’s where we meet the Malayalam auntie. This has been widely used in literature and cinema and the quest for Malayalam aunties are still on for the adventurous minds.

Fist things first Malayalam aunties are easy to find. Then you can ogle with them in the vernacular. That’s the best part. Its very arousing when the girl talks in the vernacular and even more when she names the part of her body. When its an elder woman in the teaching mode, its hard to explain with mere words. The best thing about aunties is that they like to teach sex. She might be the first female to actually pull down your foreskin and the first female to hear you hush with a bit of sensitivity to your organ. Indian teenagers are not so tuned in to the female anatomy. It all hushed up talk and fantasies behind the bushes for them. The auntie may be in the house or just across the street and would come to him quite by act of nature. They love to have sex with boys that come with the label ‘ no instructions involved’ and like to take it from there. Its quite an experience to be their toy. The teenager’s fist sex lessons start with her and the journey is a smooth one. Often the aunties are well endowed and may be one who doesn’t have sex when she needs it or may be a kleptomaniac. Whatever the case its a boon for the boy.

They are usually in the 30s to 40’s age and its then that we need to change the phrase Naughty 40’s to Naughty 30’s. Movies too have shown their respect to the aunties and there are the Babilonas and Reshmas and the Mona Lisas. They started off in the B grade movies and are now present in the main stream movies, just for a short stint but they usually appear in a risque scene involving a spicy dialogue.