Malayalee aunties

There was a time when you smelled the employment office they looked at you to judge your experience. You were hired if you had experience. Things trotted well for over a decade and then you were hired if only you were fresh! Its just the opposite for sex! There was a time- you could say when fresh sex was hot. Now people are after the MILFS. When speaking about them Malayali Aunties need special quotes!

Malayali Aunties are a recent addition to the porn market category. They are always after males younger to them. Like the bloofer lady, (Lucy Westnra) in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Who seduced young boys but to drink blood. Malayali aunties sure don’t drink blood but they sure are bloofer ladies for young boys. They may be married or just spinsters. They have an insatiable appetite for sex especially from younger boys. They love to teach them on the ways of sex and then get loved by them. Boys are so hot in pursuit for them. The usual rendezvous is the open terraced bathrooms that the aunties take a bath in or a next door curious boy thing that gets them turned on. Once the boy is discovered by her, he begins his journey through the most beautiful sex experience that he will ever have. Some even stick with her even after getting married. They get their first lesson and that’s also the first impression that they get and that just stick on. Which can’t surely be given by the new wife. The best of the lot are the Bi- curious aunties, they get hotter when they are bi. The boy could even get a threesome experience if the younger girl wills.

They are going to stick on and they sure have. Many South Indian movies have shown them and some are better looking than the heroines! The usual profession they take is the medical service and the teaching service. Nurses are usually on the prowl and they do it even in the hospital. They prefer inexperienced young boys over experienced ones. Most often the foreskin is pulled down for the first time by these aunties. What more, the lads just like to have sex with a sexy elder lady!