South Indian lesbians

When you watch a porn movie with two south indian aunties kissing each other, any straight girl or guy would get a sexual high. Guys would loose control over themselves seeing two south indian aunties together and get their dicks in their hands. That is the effect of lesbian act and it is today the highlight of any porn movie. 

But when did this lesbian start or where did it first originate. This is a very hard question to answer. As far as lesbian history is concerned, we only know for sure that the term lesbian originated in Greece. But the lesbian act originated with the origin of mankind. 

volumes have been written in kamasuthra about lesbian acts, positions and pleasures. In the ancient times when men were busy waring for months together, their women at home had to vent out their sexual urges somehow. There were only 2 options, to masturbate or to be masturbated by someone. And they understood that partnership was more pleasurable. Thus lesbian sex encounters was the best means to sexual pleasures around the globe. And as years passed by, today south indian aunties are experts in lesbian acts and are an erotic visual treat to watch them in their lesbian act.