The maid caught

My mother appointed another housemaid at our house to look after our grandparents and my younger sister who was much younger to me.Her name was Latha and she was not married but had a perfect body, not that huge or not that slim.She was very good in looking after all the jobs at our home, and she stayed with us in the night in the servant quarters.I was mapping out chances to have sex with her, but it was not that easy.

One day when I went to search her room, it was closed but not locked form inside. I opened the door slightly without any noise. Through the narrow gap of the door I looked inside and was shocked at what was inside

My maid was reading something and she kept her skirt raised to her chest level. She was not wearing panties and her pussy was not shaven too. She was reading something and fingering her pussy the same time. I understood from her action that she took the story form my table and was enjoying herself.

I didn’t make any noise and made my mind to stay there and watch her masturbating. She was not aware of her surroundings and was vigorously fingering her pussy. She had good boobs and aperfect ass. I waited patiently and watched her, but my dick was also erect. I made my mind to enter into the room when she climaxed and express my concern to have sex with her. If she denies’ my request I can pressurize her by saying that she has stolen something for my room and she tends to lose the jobs in my house.

I entered the room when she climaxed and she was shocked to see me inside. I told her everything that I was watching her for long and asked her with whose permission she has taken the story form my room. She stood front of with a shy face. I went close to her touched her boobs, she didn’t reject my actions. I expressed her concern of having sex with her which she refused and said which she will allow me to enjoy later.

But watching her masturbating had made me mad and my dick was crying for the fuck. The I said her give me blow job. She said ok, she sat on her knees and I took my dick out of my shorts and pushed it into her mouth. She licked the tip of the dick for sometime which pricked my nerves so harder, she started sucking my cock, I bent down a little to pres her boobs when she was sucking my cock.

Later I sat on the bed and she sat in between in my legs and sucked harder. My hips started trembling and with my both hands I made head and mouth slide up and down my cock. She was such perfect in doing blow job. Later I said I wanted rub my dick in her boobs and she took her boobs out and rubbed my dick harder to her tits.

That action of hers’ made me mad and I was running out of control. I asked to suck my cock harder and she did that fast and I got exploded inside her mouth. Huh! What a relief. I hugged her and said when we are going to have the real fuck. She said very soon…. And I moved out her room promising that she can any time take any story form my room without my permission.