The lusty maid

I want to narrate a story of my sexual experience with the house maid named Chandini. She was working with us when my parents were working in Bangalore. That time I was studying in collage for the final year and I had a younger sister eight years old. Basically the housemaid was appointed in my house to look after my younger sister. Both my parents were medical professionals and they will be away in hospital many nights.

Due to this I was staying in the hostel and visited my house every weekend. Chandini and my younger sister stayed at home and Chandini was very loyal to our family and for that reason my mother liked her so much and supported her in many ways. The relationship between the housemaid and our family became so strong within a short period of time.
Whenever I visited home, she was very friendly with me and she looked so sexy with the perfect body which I carried secret passion to have sex with her. Since she was so close to my mother and sister I was afraid to talk or do anything naughty to her. But her attachment and likeness towards me pricked my nerves to have sex with her. Many of my friends staying with me have enough sexual experience with their housemaids, and they kept on pushing to have sex with my housemaid, but I was afraid.

One day I was watching a picture and masturbating in my bedroom, somehow I forgot to lock the door from inside. I kept on pampering my dick enjoying the picture suddenly I notice someone peeping through the slit of the door and that was my housemaid Chandini. I was shocked and tried to cover my dick with the bed sheet. She said she has been watching me for long, and the same will be reported to my parents. I begged her not to report. She said she wanted to see my dick. I was shy to show it to her and too such a mature lady. She forcefully pulled away the bed sheet and my dick was completely down.

She touched my dick but I rejected, again she threatened me to report to the parents. So I just lied in front of her and thought let her do what the fuck she wanted to do. She masturbated my dick for a sometime, but due to fright my dick was not erecting. She kissed me on my chest what happened now, why it’s not standing. I said I don’t know.

She removed the hooks of her blouse and bra and showed me her huge boobs and forced me to pincher nipples. I did it and slowly was dick was rising but not fully. She sat on her knees and took my half erected dick in her mouth and sucked it like candy. Suddenly the dick erected. By watching the erected dick she looked more agile and she started licking and kissing the dick.

She went on sucking my cock and I was slowly losing control. But she did not stop it, and I climaxed into her mouth. Even after climaxing in her mouth she was not ready to stop the sucking. I pushed her head away. She hugged me and said, now you have to satisfy me the same way I satisfied you. I licked and fingered her pussy at a time and that made her explode in few minutes. Many nights followed after that, and within a month I have learned everything from her and fucked her in bathroom, kitchen and anywhere possible.