Maid mad PART 2]


I moved my hands and opened her blouse hook after sliding away he saree. she did not wear a bra, her tits were firm. I squeezed them and and finally, with a big grunt I squirted my cum in her mouth, She took it all in her mouth and swallowed it. Though relieved, I wanted her more. I lifted her up and my hands slid to her pussy, I removed her saree and removed her petticoat. I reached for her cunt which was hairy and I could feel her wetness. She lied beside me and I spread her vaginal entrace lips and fondled with her clit.

She was breathing heavily now and I inserted my finger inside her cunt and began to finger fuck her. She was moaning and groaning. My fingers slid easlily inside her wet cunt. After few minutes, she clutched my shoulders and twisted and stretched her legs and began to quiver. She twitched her body several times and then came out oozing her cunt juice. she had climaxed.

Now we both relaxed for some time. We were cuddling and kissing each other. We wandered our hands on each others bodies and caressed every inch of our bodies. She had a soft dark skin and her touch of her cunt with my naked cock was creating a pleasant vibration and my cock was getting hard again.

I turned her around and made her bend. Her ass was high up and I positioned behind her and inserted my erect cock into her dripping cunt from behind. It slid in and I began to stroke her slowly. I went in her deep and sensed my cock touching the bottom of her cunt. I held her hips and moved in an average pace. her tits were dangling and my thighs hit her ass on every stroke. Her ass vibrated.

It was passion and lust lingering in the room as I pounded her. She too was moving her ass to get my cock deep inside her. Her moaning was in high pitch now and she was getting wild and desperate.I pumped her harder and deeper, We were both reaching the state of climax, but we did not want to end soon. I slowed down a bit and after a few seconds began to pump her harder and harder. faster and faster. We were both moaning and groanong and finally with a final groan we both were climaxing at the same time and I was squirting and squirting. And then we collapsed on each other.