The New Neighbor and sex – A desi gay story

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The New Neighbor and sex- A desi gay story

The new neighbors were splendid people. They were young and mysterious. I was not like the other boys who crushed on girls. I had a thing for boys, and it was weird but that was the way I was. My eyes had been on the young man who had moved in with his sister just a day before. I had helped them with moving their boxes’
I tied a towel around my waist and was about going to have a bath when I heard a knock on the door. I walked closer to the door and unlocked it. My heart lost a beat as the face of satish stood in front of me. He smiled the most amazing smile I had seen and his white teeth shined like white Christmas.

“Hey satish, how’s it going?” I managed to say.
“Great, actually, I realized that I have never really thanked you for what you did for my sister and me” he said, helping himself into the house and closing the door behind him.
“Oh, well, you know. I am just glad I could help” I said with a slight smile hanging from the corner of my lips.
I was so caught up with thinking about him and looking at his well shaped lips intently that I had not realized that I was wearing just a towel. My bulge was obvious through the towel, pushing hard on the rough surface of the white towel. I only realized this when I looked at his eyes and saw that he was looking at me; but not at my eyes. His eyes were directed straight at my bulge.

I quickly stepped back and turned my back towards him, feeling very ashamed. I was so stupid.
“Don’t be shy about that” I heard his voice speak behind me. I was still too scared to look back, even if I was surprised at his reaction. I expected anger; but there was no glint of anger in his voice at all.
“I know, prakash. I saw the way you looked at me yesterday. I have noticed how you have looked at me every single hour. I know the look, prakash. I know I might not look like it, but, I only have a girlfriend because people don’t accept people like us” his voice was soft. I still hadn’t looked back when I felt his hands on the sides of my waist. I jumped forward, but my towel immediately fell to the floor.

I stood there, butt-naked, backing him. I looked back slowly and saw a small smile on his face. He was walking towards me again, but when I felt his hands on me this time, I did not jump. I just let the calmness of his firm hands move through my body. I had a hand on my erect dick, trying to hide it, but that soon changed when I felt his hand on mine. I took my hand off and allowed him touch the flesh of my manhood.

He stroked it rhythmically, with the back of his palm hitting my balls each time. It felt so exhilaratingly great. I sighed and let out a soft groan. He increased the pace of his stroking and I could feel this immense sensations from within me begin to build. I knew the feeling because I frequently masturbated in the bathroom. But this one was quite different. The feel of his palm on my shaft was like something I had never felt. Oh it was lovely. I felt his body press on my back and he continued to stroke me as his mouth moved down to my neck and planted kisses there.

And before I could think another thought I felt the movement of my own orgasm right from my balls, through my shaft and then…oh… ah, I began to release spurt after spurts, jet after jet of my creamy sperm, with my body jerking uncontrollably and shaking like I was on a drug. My legs were jittery and I leaned back into satish for support. I finally opened my eyes and looked at the mess that I had made on the floor.

satish laughed at how I shook and told me not to worry. He promised to give me even more intense eruptions. He moved back to the door and locked it. I looked back at him and now I could see the bulge in his own pants. It looked really huge. I started to wonder what I would do with that. I wanted to make him feel like he had made me feel.

We moved to my bedroom and satish got his clothes off. His body was very firm and his abs showed that he worked out pretty much. He pushed me down to the bed and fell immediately after me. He was on top me and started kissing me straight on my lips. He used his tongue to work my tongue while his hands went to my soft cock and started stroking it. He was just in his underwear now and his massive boner poked me. I felt the heat from it. I was sure that he would have big veins on it.
It didn’t take long for me to find out as I felt the flesh of his member on my skin. I looked down and saw that he had already taken off his tight underwear.

I held it in my hand. I t jerked. Damn it was big and throbbing.

He kneeled on the bed and gestured for me to bring my head to his dick. He wanted me to suck it. I looked at him and he nodded. I opened my mouth and took the tip into my mouth. I felt it pulsate. I sucked it for a while; after which he asked if I had any lube. I told him that I did and handed him the bottle I had. I gulped when he smeared it on my ass hole and grinned at me.

The pain was piercing as he slid into me. I thought that I would pass out. I bit hard on the pillow to ensure that my scream was muffled. He didn’t seem to mind. He just kept on going in slowly. And then finally he formed a rhythm, going in and out. I let out a groan as he put more length of his shaft into me. Damn, it was big. It took only a few minutes for my already hard dick to release another round of sperm on the bed.