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Hi guys! I am 19 and a resident of Bangalore. I just look too smart. It’s one of those days when I was studying in college, there were always 2-3 girls in my life but nobody had sex with me. It was just kissing, nipple touching daily. But to speak the truth I was too much into porn and loved Indian sex too much. Because Indian sex movies show Indian girls with tight Indian pussies that are waiting to be fucked!

Well in those days, a girl named Namitha was in my college! Her figure was ok but it was very cool to look at.

She was running laughing and jumping with her friends in the college lawn! Her boobs were hopping up and down and all the boys were going crazy after her.She was trying to impress us boys and winked to all the boys but I never paid much attention to it…….Attitude matters!

I forgot to mention I was the best dancer and the cultural head that time. We were in a practice session for a college function and then she came there and asked me if she could also join us and practice. I said yes and she began to practice dancing with us. I noticed she was interested in me too.

Now lets come to the major turning point. It was heavily raining one day and everyone waited by the door for the rain to cease. I was in the parking lot and trying to start my car. Then someone knocked on the glass of the car! Who was it??? Hey! It was Namitha. Sexy….Wet….Seductive!!!!!
She just looked like a pornstar in Indian sex movies.

She said – It’s heavily raining, can you leave me to auto-stand? From there I would get home by auto.

I said – ok. Come in.

And she sat down with me. As we moved, We began to talk, I was driving my car slowly. Her chudidar was white colour. And she was wet too. So it was quite obvious that I could clearly see her bra. It was pink sexy bra. I just couldn’t take my eyes off!

I was looking at her bra and the partially visible cleavage through the rear view mirror. Just then she caught me doing it! Damn!
She covered herself with her chunni.

I said her a polite sorry.

She then asked – You are so smart and famous. Don’t you have a girlfriend?

I said – No. I am scared!

Then she smiled to herself and wantedly took off her chunni and asked for my hanky to wipe of the water on her face and hands.I didn’t have a hanky so I gave her a towel which was at the back seat.She opened her hair and started to wipe them.Man! How awesome and sexy she looked! Just like one of my favorite pornstars in an awesome Indian sex movie.Just then the auto-stand passed by but I didn’t stop. We went on.

Now my cock couldn’t bear anymore. It woke up! It Grew into a massive 7 inch piece of rod. Ready to drill any hole!I started adjusting my pant to give space for my huge cock inside(so that it wont suffocate..lolz).She saw me jiggling and smiled to herself again!

I asked her – Do you have a boyfriend? She said no.

I was just too happy!

I just couldn’t let my cock die anymore. I stopped my car right there and held her hand and said her that I love her a lot and want her.

She thought for a moment and said Yes!

The luckiest moment of my life!

Now we were not going home. Its time for some fun!All the time while driving what was running in my mind were scenes from hardcore Indian sex movies.
I was thinking of the ways to fuck as in Indian sex movies.I took her to a lonely spot and stopped the car. I just shut the windows. The weather was cold. The best time to have sex. I took her to the backseat in my arms and we started kissing and hugging each other.

Her eyes were closed and she was having fun. Then I made her lie down backwards and slowly took off her top. Then removed her pink bra to reveal those awesome milk boobies! I started sucking on them like a thirsty idiot. She was moaning slowly all the time. I then took off my shirt too. Then I took off her pant and rubbed her pussy from top of her panties. The way she was moaning made me cum in my pants!!! Then I took off her panties slowly! Whoa……that hairy pussy made me mad. SHe gripped me tightly by my butts. Then she herself took off my pants and I took off my underwear.

She was a virgin.

She held me closer and said in a sexy voice – I am a virgin. Please be gentle. I smiled and touched my cock to her pussy. She moved. Then I slowly pushed it in. She was screaming in pain. I held her tightly and moved my cock slowly in and out. Her tight Indian pussy was bleeding. Slowly her pain vanished and she was enjoying it too much!

She was saying – Oo my… I am enjoying it very much, just do it Ssiiii Sssiiiiii Ahhhhsssiii Aah Aah!”
Her sexy voices were making me hotter.

She was cumming bad!I was sucking her hard nipples as I was fucking her pussy. She was rubbing her fingers in my hair and scratching my back! Mmmmmmmmmmm……….I was going to cum. Then I just took out my cock and cummed on her breasts as they do in typical Indian sex movies.

We both were too tired. We lied on each other for a while. Then kissed each other and we got dressed up. I then dropped her to her home and kissed her goodbye!