The wedding night

My wedding with Vimala went on smoothly. I was eagerly waiting in the room for her. Our room, especially the bed was decorated with flowers and the room smelled of pleasant incense. vimala entered in the room and latched the door and came towards me with a glass of warm milk which was customary. I took the glass from her hand and held her hand and made her sit near me. Though we knew each other for few years, she seemed to be shy.

I held her shoulders and turned her towards me, she turned with her face bent down. I raised her cheeks and she lifted her face, but she did not look into my eyes. yet she was blushing. I tenderly slid her saree pallu from her shoulder and exposed her blouse which was holding her beautiful massive breasts. I could see it heaving up and down as she breathed deeply. I placed my hand on her blouse and squeezed her tits. She immediately got goose pimples all over her and she took a quick deep breath. I removed the saree for which she reluctanlty obliged and I made her lie down on the decorated bed.

I began to kiss her on her cheeks and then moved to her lips. It was so soft and sweet. I penetrated my tongue into her mouth and she opened her mouth slightly and moved her tongue to meet mine. This created an electric shock inside me. My stomach churned and my cock began swell.I removed her blouse and her bra and she was topless now. I squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples. It immediately got erect and stood pocking out. I began to kiss it and suck and lick it. I acted as if I was a new born baby suckling breast. She moaned and twisted her body. I moved my hand and removed the lace of her petticoat and removed it. Then I rose up and took off her panties too. she was clean shaved and her pussy tempted me to lick her. I fingered her first and I felt the wetness developing in her. Then I moved down and bent down to kiss her wet pussy. I smelled nice. I began to lick her cunt and inserted my tongue inside her pussy.

She moaned loudly now and lifted her hips to help me tongue fuck her deeper. I lapped up the pussy juice she was secreating and It was still wet and sweet. She was getting close to the peak of excitement. Then suddenly she grasped my head and pulled it closer to her cunt and jerked her cunt into my face. Now my whole face was drenched in her cum. I raised up to meet her eyes, but she closed her eyes with a smile. She was still shy.

Now both where ready to screw and I positioned myself between her thighs and bent her thighs as I spread it. Then slowly I let my cock inside her and pushed it inside. Just the tip of the head went in but it was tight and she began to wither in pain. I asked her to bear a little and pushed it little more further. There was some progress, both inserting and her pain. She tried to push me away. I kept myelf still and began to kiss her in the mouth. As we were kissing, I jerked my hip down and my cock slid inside comfortably. I felt tearing something inside her. She screamed inside my mouth and beat me on my back in pain. I stood still until she relaxed.

As the pain receded she came to normal and I slowly, very slowly raised myself up and then pushed my cock inside. This time it went in smoothly and she also began to realize the pleasure. Slowly my speed increased with her pushing her hips and grinding my hips. This was the first time we are engaged in sex and we had been excited all along out lives. Suddenly the pleasure was unbearable and both groaning and moaning, I let out my semen first inside her. And then she jerked again and again and she spurted her cunt juice. The juices mingled and oozed through the gap my shrinking cock was creating.

We relaxed for a long time, and teased each other. We giggled and laughed with what we experienced and then got ready to try our new experience again.