First time

I had a liking to my roommate Swetha. It was admiration at first for how forward she was and then it became some sort of strange liking. I loved her scent, the whiff of air from her hair on my face, just being with her and her body. I’ve never masturbated or had sex. But I had horny dreams about her.
One day she asked me to hand her laundry basket while she was having bath. While she took it in her panty fell off from the heap and I wanted to smell it badly. It was good though it smelled damp. She opened the door partially saying ‘did you see my pant…’ and stopped short seeing me sniffing her panty.
Being summer, I just had a shirt on and she might have seen my taut nipples. She came over to me in her bathrobe and kissed me. She took off the robe and stood there completely naked. Taking my hand she put it on her shoulder. I just looked down. She started to open the buttons of my shirt and I felt nervous.
“Never been with a girl?” She asked me and I replied yes.
“I will teach you something.” She comforted me with another kiss. I stood still as she unbuttoned my shirt. She looked at me and cupped my boobs. She softly stroked my brown, erect nipple. It felt so nice that I controlled a moan by biting my lip.’ It’s alright to moan, she comforted me. She used her tongue and teased me. Slowly circling with it, and softly sucking my nipples. She stroked down my body and stopped at the pants.
She looked at me and undid the button; I instinctively moved my hands over my muff. I’ve never bothered to shave and was very hairy. She took my hand away and complimented me on my muff. She licked around my pubes and I just moaned and clutched onto the curtain. She gave a quick lick at my clitoris and I gave out a surprised moan. It actually gave me a shock. She always asked dif I felt comfortable and I agreed. She licked one finger and dipped it in my pussy. It felt nice and then she used a second finger and then a third. It felt creamier every time she dipped my pussy and she told me that I was creaming a lot. I looked down my body to see a creamy liquid flow down my legs.

I was just gasping at all the new sensations. She was making me wetter and also a little out of balance and I even couldn’t sit up straight. My heart was beating faster and my eyes could not be opened, they felt heavy. Suddenly she stopped and my twat was pulsating and needed more. She opened a draw; I could make that out with the sound. She inserted something soft and strong in my twat that went all the way down. I couldn’t bear any longer. I was shaking all over and tried to stop her.
Cum on she said and changed the angle. I let out a gasp and went shivering all over. Then I suddenly went numb and then squirmed! All that I knew was that something gushed forth and I felt wet. I quivered again. Then I just lay down on the floor, toppling down on her first.