Casting Couch – Model’s Topless Dance

Indian Model Asked To Dance Nude

Anushka is a hot Indian model from New Delhi. She is still struggling and trying to get one big assignment. She is only 21 and she has got a very sexy figure. She is out there for one casting for an ad company. She was okay in all other aspects; and was called for final interview. She was more than shocked when the director asked her to have a topless show in front of them. She was not expecting this at all. But the director told her that this is mandatory to get the assignment. So, Anushka finally agreed to dance topless in front of them. (it was director and assistant director there)

And She Goes Topless

Anushka was made easy by playing some dance item on the CD player. And she started to dance. She was making nice moves by moving her hot ass here and there. Then she went on to remove her top to go topless. You can see her bouncing boobs once she completely removed her white top. The director duo applauded her dance moves and at the same time they rubbed their dicks. Assistant director specially got aroused when he saw the sex assets of this hot Indian model. And then the real fun started when she moved her ass in a horny manner. She puts her hands on her sexy tits and then winks at the director duo. You can see this sexy model going hot now and we are sure you will have your small brother knocking your pants. This model never came to know that this was not part of the normal interview procedure. It was the idea of the assistant director to do casting couch with this model; they just wanted to see the model in topless mode.