The sex story of desi lesbian Stranger

Desi lesbian

The sex story of desi lesbian Stranger

She was beautiful Her voice was soft and her accent; alluring. I watched as she walked into the ladies to ease herself. This was my chance, I thought. Once she was done, she stepped out and found me by the door. Her eyes were bright with confusion as she glared at me, unsure of my motives. I looked further into them and saw a twinkle of adventurism.

“Come with me” I said. “I need to show you more of our collections upstairs”

She followed slowly behind me as we climbed. I made it a point to sway my hips seductively as I walked up. I could feel the heat of her eyes on the generous flesh of my behind. I chuckled at my little tease and rubbed my thighs together as I felt the twitch and wetness.

I pushed the door open and locked it once she was in with me.

“Where are the clothes?” The model asked when she saw the empty room with just a chair in the centre.

“Oh I didn’t bring you here for that, darling” I informed her while my eyes perused through the firmness of her chest and her slim figure. I couldn’t wait to see her completely nude. I had only seen her in bra and panties during her last photoshoot.

“Take off your clothes” I ordered her.
“But there are no cameras here” she said. I saw shyness in the eyes of this beautiful model who had almost bared it all two hours ago.
“We don’t need cameras to make you a star” I walked up to her and whispered into her ears as my hands ran down her dress and stopped at the hem.

Slowly I lifted it up above her skin and dragged it up her thighs… those soft fair pieces of flesh. She was still, almost even stiff. I wondered if she had ever felt this kind of tension around another woman before. I could hear her breathing. It was slow, controlled and rhythmic. I knew that she was forcing herself to maintain her composure and not appear jittery.

Her sky blue panties came into view. It look perfect on her skin. I pinched at the flimsy fabric and looked up at her before I began to pull it down. Her eyes were closed. She gulped. I could see the movement of saliva going through her throat. Slowly, I dragged until her line of bush was facing me. She was still. I knew she understood now so I wasted no more time in pulling down her panties and she lifted her feet to ease the exit.

I flung the flimsy piece off to god knows where and looked at the swollen labia in front of me. She was a puffy one. I could already see the redness staring at me, and a smile instantly escaped my lips. I looked up. Her eyes were open now. Her face was red. She was flushed… embarrassed. I ran my hands up her knees and paused just beside her vagina. And then in one heart beat, I moved my face to meet that meaty beauty.

It smelled nice already. Her lady scent filled my nostrils and I could already see tiny drops of wetness. I placed my tongue by the side, only slightly licking the corners and edges of her pussy. I wanted to tease her and make her beg me to please her. There was a gasp… It graced the air with its sensual tone. And then another gasp as my tongue loitered around the flesh of her womanhood. I heightened the sensations by breathing warm air into her warm pussy. And then my tongue went straight to her clitoris, and she reacted on impact, aggressively pushing my head in between her thighs with both her hands.

She held my head tightly. I was on both knees giving pleasure to this beauty and I enjoyed it. There was a tingling sensation in my pussy. My panties were soaked beyond reason and my nipples craved attention. But they had to wait. I swirled my tongue around her clitoris, feeling her jerk back and whine her hips to force herself deeper into my mouth. And then she screamed loud… and louder still. And a gush of liquid splattered all over my face. Her pussy convulsed and released even more nectar. I licked it all… enjoying the fruity taste it had to offer. Her legs still shook and it was a struggle to remain standing.

I looked up at her with a smile and for the first time since we met, she smiled back at me. There was appreciation in her eyes. Her smile spoke many words, and some of them were instructing me to lie down on the floor. I obliged and she god on her knees and crouched forward, and chuckled as she saw beneath my skirt. I was not wearing any underwear. I chuckled back at how naughty she thought I was.
There was no time for words. Desi lesbian stranger pushed back the cotton material of my dark skirt but it seemed like she had other plans first. I watched as she stretched her hands forward to my shirt and started unbuttoning it. I also did not wear a bra underneath the thickness of the shirt. If only the photography crew knew of how I always liked being without panties, they probably would always drop their films, just to bend down and catch a glimpse of my Irish pussy.

My firm breasts were now in full view and she wasted no time in taking my nipple into her mouth. She used her other hand to play with the other breast and licked me downward till she got to my navel. Her tongue ran rampage there. That had always been one of my strongest pleasure points. She let her tongue wander lower and stylishly unzipped me from the side, and dragged down my skirt. My thighs were already stained with the liquid from my pulsating pussy.

“I’m Shweta. What is your name?” I asked.
“Komal”’ she said before lowering her tongue on my impatient puss.