Post-Tutoring Session- Student teacher sex story

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Post-Tutoring Session- Student teacher sex story

A look of confusion crossed his features as he tried to make sense of what I was saying. Struggling to make sense of one difficult concept after the other, Dipak eagerly took notes as I enthusiastically carried on with my explanation, relishing in the attention he gave me. And as we finally reached the part he found the hardest, relief washed over his face as he soon realized – thanks to me – that it wasn’t as difficult as he thought it was. I watched as he wrote down the formula I told him he needed to memorize in bold, black letters before finally planting his gaze on me. With appreciation evident in his features, he gave me a wide smile before thanking me over and over again.

As we both stood up to leave, he eagerly trailed after me, expressing his genuine gratitude once more. I gave him a pat on the shoulder and started heading towards the exit. I found his innocence to be completely adorable yet frustrating at the same time. Especially since I know exactly what I want him to do to me. Heaving a sigh, I reached for the door knob but his sudden call of my name caused me to stop. Turning around, I found him hurrying to run towards me while holding up what appears to be my notebook. As soon as he reached me, he happened to trip over his feet and fall over, bringing me down with him. Both our widened as he landed on top of me, our faces getting unexpectedly closer in the process.

He struggled to say something as we stayed awkwardly pinned in that position. The more he tried to get up, the more he got entangled and went back down at me. And, at his last attempt, his mouth landed straight on mine causing the both of us to freeze in shock. I watched as his face reddened and as he raised his hands to push himself away, I surprised him by wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling myself closer. I kissed him passionately as we stayed in that position and not long after, he started responding in the exact same manner. Adding to his already list of surprises, I reached out and rolled the both of us over to make me go on top and take charge.

“sonali,” he mumbled, obviously taken aback at my boldness.

I merely gave him a coy smile before going back to kissing him, not holding myself back this time around. My mouth first worked its way on his – fighting for dominance with his tongue before proceeding to biting his lower lip – and soon went down. My fingers hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt as my lips trailed over his nape, then his collarbones and chest, leaving a trail of love bites behind as I went south. While all he could do as this took place was moan and grunt and even writhe in pleasure. He let out a gasp as I boldly reached out for his growing erection and started caressing it. That turned into loud sighs of satisfaction as I went to rub it vigorously. I increased my tempo as we continued, going faster and faster until he was fully erect.

I then opened his zipper and pulled his pants and boxers down his knees, revealing his manhood. I smirked in satisfaction as I took it in with my eyes, wondering it would feel if he finally thrusts it inside of me. Wasting no time, I started by gently stroking it with my hand, earning a moan form him. I proceeded to moving my hand up and down its long shaft, going faster and faster before taking the head in my mouth and licking the pre-cum off. He grunted as my tongue went from its head down his shaft, expertly maneuvering my way down his penis. When I reached his balls, I sucked one of it without hesitation while I massaged the other with my hand.

He responded by placing his hand on the back of my head and pushing it downwards. I continued working on his balls for a bit before moving on to his penis and taking it whole. With his dick in my mouth, I continued to massage one of his balls as my head bobbed up and down. I even expertly puckered my lips to be able to suck on his cock more comfortably earning a groan of approval from him. This carried on for a couple more minutes before I finally took his penis out my mouth and sat up. Not wanting to give up my dominance, I went and sat on top of him. I lifted my skirt up and brought my panties down my ankles before finally shoving his dick inside of me.

Starting off slow, I took my time in grinding on his penis to get used to how it felt inside of me. And when the pain was finally replaced by pleasure, I started going faster without hesitation, bouncing up and down hard. His hands reached for my waist and helped me take control of my grinding and adjust it to the pace he wanted. This continued until I finally moved up and down on his dick the way he wanted and his hands then moved on to my breasts. He squeezed them both tightly and started to massage them roughly. To my absolute pleasure, he finally sat up and took one inside his one to suck.

He made sure that both of nipples were hard and erect first before going to assault my neck and other visible pieces of skin.

Following the trail I left on him, he intricately made one love bite after the other until my chest was also covered with them. All the while I continued to grind and bounce on his hard cock, moaning. When the familiar feeling something inside me threatening to burst while his body felt like it was starting to stiffen, I held on to both of his shoulders for support as I moved even faster. I went on and on without stopping until we both exploded – him groaning while I moaned – and his dick was soon covered in my love juice as his cum dripped out of my pussy.

Having finally gotten what I wanted, I turned to him with a huge smile on my face as I whispered the words, “thanks. You can consider this as payment for the tutoring lessons” before laughing heartily.