Our Large Home Part-2


Our Large Home- Real sex story Part-2

This is continuation of my real sex story, if you have not read the first part please read it and then read this real sex story Part-2

So here goes real sex story Part-2:-

I could not hear her moans, but I could swear that they were loud. I found my own hand working its way down to lift my night gown and rub my naked, bald pussy. That was the start of it all. That was the start of my perverted nature. I watched them every single day they made crazy love. I followed them into the bathroom and watched them wash each other under the shower, unaware that someone was watching. Oh I watched every single detail.

And just then, I remembered that kirti, the woman who had come to pick us up at the airport was still waiting and smiling at us. ram smiled back at kirti and so did I.

The sun stood just above the horizon waving at me with all of its many hands. I wished I could extend the same courtesy, but I couldn’t. My mind was divided. I was happy to finally be with my husband, but also skeptical and unsure of what to expect. I enjoyed the view of the city from the car, basking in the beauty of the colorful water and bright lights. How beautiful it was indeed!

The city looked as real as the images on post cards, and I was mind boggled at how happy the people seemed. Maybe I actually would enjoy life here, I thought. I needed some of that happiness.
“You would love it here. I was thinking the same thing you are thinking right now when I first got here also. I moved here from Chicago, you know, I never really knew what to expect until I got into the city.” The flighty voice of kirti shevale breezed inside my ears.

She sat in front while ram and I sat at the back. Alas, the car stopped and I looked out through the window. ram spotted him first.

“Daddy!” he screamed, running out of the car to meet sham who stood just in front of a nicely fenced compound. I watched as they hugged and saw just how much ram looked like his father.

The next few hours were spent talking about everything and anything that crossed our minds. It was a big house that resonated in tasteful choices and a sense of orderliness and maturity. I was amazed at how well two men could put a house in such great shape.

“Oh, that’s monali.” he said when I finally expressed my thoughts in words.

“What? Who is monali?” I asked as my heart pounded and my legs froze. I pictured the worst.

“My Colleague’s wife… I told you he was married” he said.

“Yes, you told me he was married but you never said his wife lived with you” I snapped back.

“With us… She lives with us… not with me. Her husband is here, and he asked her to join him just like I asked you.” he said.

I was about to speak again when ram resurfaced in the room after taking a tour around the house; so I kept mum. sham gave me a knowing look.

That evening, sham announced that he was taking us out to celebrate getting back together. He seemed very elated that we were around, and so did ram. I dressed in a knee length lemon gown and he complemented my beauty. For the first time in a while, I did not feel like hitting a man for admiring me. I actually wanted to be admired by his words, his eyes, and definitely by every other part of him. And the first step to that was to go celebrate with him in this club he talked so much about.

The club was a tall building with many lights. The main hall was dimly lit, with fancy lights at various positions. It was beautiful.

The dessert cakes were lovely and the wine tasted so good that my body needed to let some liquid out to accommodate some more wine. I excused myself and asked for the ladies. I descended on the toilet seat with alacrity and involuntarily heaved a sigh of relief as my pee gushed out in a sputter. I flushed and washed my hands, half staggering as it had been so long since I had that much wine.

As I made my way back, I saw a staircase to my left and curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to see the rest of this fine establishment. But as I took the first step, I decided to turn back and return to my husband. I was already a tad tipsy after all. And just when I turned, there he was, staring keenly at me. No… not my husband. I mean the most handsome man I had ever laid my eyes upon. Or maybe it was just the alcohol but he stood there like the Greek god of love, towering in his height and smiling at me.

“Hey there, are you lost?” he said.

“Oh… no… Sorry I was just coming out of the, you know, ladies; and I guess I forgot the way” I managed to say. It felt awkward because it had been so long since I spoke to a man with no hint of hostility at all charging from my voice.

“That’s okay. I missed my way the first time I came here as well” he smiled at me.

“Great. I guess I’ll just make my way back to my table then” I said shyly, waiting for the slightest opportunity to leave.

“I’m mahesh borhade” he stretched his hand for a shake.

“Oh… yes; I’m Donna” I said and quickly moved away from him before things got any more heated.

I walked briskly to where my family was and surprisingly saw sham and ram were sitting with another woman in their midst. They seemed to be having fun as they laughed and talked. ram had never been the shy one. He was always open and shared his emotions quite easily. That was how I had raised him. He never his things from me, and he even told when he had sex the first time. Boys his age were usually shy about those things.

“There you are” the soft voice of sham boomed lightly in the air. I smiled.

“Meet my wife, shonali. Donna, meet monali borhade, my colleague’s wife.”

sham did the introductions quickly and she stood up quickly to hug me. I hugged back. She smelled really nice. I had to ask her what perfume she had on. “Oh, and there’s the man himself; my colleague, mahesh. mahesh, meet my wife” he said pointing behind me.

I turned and almost choked in shock. mahesh was the same man that I had met a few minutes ago. And he was smiling at me as he walked to shake my hand again. I tried to hide my shock, feigning a smile as our hands met. We shook for a generous amount of time before finally breaking it off when it was starting to look awkward. I glanced back to see if anyone noticed, but they didn’t. Only ram had a quizzical look on his young face.