Dream man- An desi passionate sex story

Dream man- An desi passionate sex story

Dream man- An desi passionate sex story

His eyes were dark… only a slight glow of green shot from the tiny centre. He was like a person high on a drug, but I knew that he was sober. He just stood still, staring at me, only blinking once or twice. I saw the desire in his eyes, a striking resemblance to the one that was in my soul. We both needed to satisfy the raging dragon that breathed the fire which burned in us. I saw myself through the lens of his eye balls, expanding my image, mentally undressing my frame and revealing all my fragile innocence.
Passionate sex, it is the perfect feeling of joy everyone loves to have it but only very lucky people get that ultimate joy while having sex with someone whom they have always dreamed of. This is my story , my real passionate sex story with full of pleasure.

The intensity of our gazes slowly began to create a magnetic field, and suddenly I could feel the heat of his lips near my own. The kiss was soft and gentle at first, and when our lips separated, my eyes were still closed, wishing he would just melt me in his kisses. I waited to feel his lips once again… my lips still remained slightly parted. He was looking at me, I knew it… I could feel it… but he just wouldn’t plant another kiss on my yearning lips.

Just as my eyes sprung open once again, I saw his smiling face. He was waiting to make eye contact with me… to see the intensity of desire in my eyes, which would be a perfect reflection of how I felt deep down inside. I returned his smile, with a comforting upward turn of my own lips.

And just like that, we both moved closer and began another sensual kiss. I ran my hand on his back, enjoying the feel of his tongue in my mouth. He was a very good kisser and I had to try hard to keep up with him. It soon became a tug of war as the intensity built up… the passion was at its peak. It was time to up the ante.

He took off his jacket hurriedly and my hands were ever too quick to remove his shirt and unbutton it from down up. I exposed his chest, excited at the sight of the almost invisible line of hair that ran down from his chest to his abdomen. His firm and ripped body had my senses doing somersaults. My heart raced faster than before and my estrogen level heightened in need of his this god like body on me.

Quickly I leaned into him and brought my lips to his masculine chest, picking his tips with my teeth ever so gently and biting on them interchangeably. He moaned in pleasure as I ran a kiss up his chest, then this neck and landed on his lips which was ever so ready to part open and kiss me vigorously. His tongue was hot with desire, exploring every nook and cranny of my mouth, playing tango with my own tongue.

His hand on my back slowly began to unzip me, gradually parting my dress, exposing my back to the eyes of the walls. I giggled when I realized that he must have discovered that I was not wearing anything underneath. Separating from him, I took a few steps backward to gain his attention. Not like I did not have it before. He watched as I gave him a shy look before crossing my arms on my chest and raising my fingers to the straps of my dress. I pushed them aside, slowly and sensually, catching my falling dress in mid rift, just over my chest.

I saw his throat swell, and I knew he swallowed some saliva. If I did not have his attention before, I definitely had it now. I wiggled my body, shaking the top of my ample cups, allowing the soft skin jiggle in the dimly lit room which gave them an orange color. He watched with eyes focused directly on me, not looking away for anything in the world. Finally, I let him out of his wait and curiosity when I let the dress slide below my chest, watching his eyes widen as my dark tips came into view, pointed at his fore head, as if in recognition of the man they were about to please.

I smiled, but he was too flushed to do the same. He just watched as I moved closer to him and my dress fell to the floor, exposing my black underwear to his full glare. His eyes were completely dark now… dark with all the sexiness in the world.

I walked closer to him and stood right in front of him till my belly was in front of his face.

“Take off my underwear.” I ordered him.

I swallowed some saliva as I felt both of his ward hands on either side of my hips, pulling down the thin black material. I was cleanly shaven and from the look on his face, he loved what he was seeing. He pushed my underwear further down until it reached my knees and I helped wiggle the damn thing out of my legs and stepped out of them.

Now my sex was directly in front of him.  I knew he desired me from the way he was staring at my pinkness which usually stuck out a bit like a flower. I moaned immediately I felt his hot tongue down there.

His tongue was working some magic and my feminine substance was all too happy to receive all the pleasure.

I felt it like an electric current running up my waist and going straight to my brain. He held my bum cheeks and pressed me further into his mouth. I felt consumed by his desire as all my nectar rubbed against his lips. He sucked me till my breathing changed and I let my juices splash all over his face. He licked and licked, not letting any flavor escape. I shuddered and shook, my legs trembling under the immense excitement of my own orgasm.

He stood up and got completely naked, displaying his fully erect member. It was just as beautiful as he was. I just had to take it in my mouth and make him feel the same pleasure he had made me feel. I rubbed my tongue over its tip and I was rewarded by his unstable movements which showed that what I was doing was having an effect in him. Oh it was great as I whirled my tongue over it and after my remarkable job; I was rewarded with hot spurts of cum in my mouth.