College sex Adventures Part-3

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College sex Adventures Part-3

From previous part of College sex adventures :

But just as I had feared, it didn’t take long before Chitra somehow got wind of what had happened and when she asked me, I didn’t deny it. She was very furious and I couldn’t blame her. I even tried to lie that it was just a blow job and I didn’t have a choice but she wouldn’t have any of that.


That was it; I had lost another girlfriend because she had caught me cheating. It couldn’t get any more horrible, surely. I was low spirited and it affected my subsequent tests. The test scores for Miss sushamita’ course came out, and I scored really low.

I needed to keep my grades up if I wanted to partake in certain school activities like being part of the football team, so I had to improve my grades. Miss Jones came to mind. The next day, I went to see Miss Jones for the second time since our last encounter and she told me exactly what she had told me before. I knew that she had not put the scores into the school’s system yet so she could still change it. I begged her and told her that the next football game depended on it.
And right there she made what she had meant by her comments other day very clear.

“Well, I think you can offer me a lot right here in my office” she said, as she strode to lock the door. I watched as she swayed her hips as she approached me where I stood. I did not want to act first because I wanted to be completely sure that I was right about what she wanted.
And just then she held my shirt and started unhooking the buttons from the top.

I gulped as she reached the middle and revealed the singlet I had underneath. She was really seductive as she did this and I just stood there, unsure if I should process. I thought about my recent case with Cassie and had goose bumps. But there was no way that Cassandra could find out about this so I did nothing to stop the woman who was hell bent on having sex with me right there in her office.

I took off my belt while she unzipped her skirt and revealed her blue lace lingerie. She then moved on to take off her blouse and leaned in to kiss me. I kissed her back in affirmation of my interest.

She pushed down my pant trouser and I heard the sound of the belt on the tiled floor. I moved my hand to caress her body for the first time and she moaned in pleasure as I reached her pleasure point. I muffled her moan with a kiss, and found her tongue with mine. Our tongues played a little game for a while, enjoying the company of the other. Her lips, tongue, teeth and everything in her mouth felt like they were perfectly made for kissing.

I still worked my hand in her soaked lingerie, and when she could take it no more, she pulled down the flimsy material and pushed me back on the table. I cleared what was on either side of the table, falling some to the ground. She smiled naughtily at me and amazed m when she climbed the table and sat on top of me as I adjusted myself. She lowered herself on me, bouncing up and down and moaning silently, trying to be quiet after all the noise we had already made.

I looked at this gorgeous woman who had her eyes closed. I had nothing to regret. She was beautiful and my score would rise. Perfect. Lo and behold, she changed my score and it was settled as a mistake in recording.

To make matters even better, it was my birthday and my friends gave me the best birthday gift ever. They had helped me talk to vrushali and she was ready to come back to me. I drove both of us to my room and started kissing her immediately the doors closed. I kissed her like I had never kissed her before and ran my hands through her soft flesh.

She pushed me back on the couch and fell on me, with her hands going underneath my jeans. She stroked me while we kissed and skillfully unbuckled my jeans with one hand. With just a little assistance from me, my clothes were on the floor. She was wilder than I ever thought she could be, yet very slow and intimate at the same time. She wasted no time in getting naked. Her body was always a beautiful sight to see… I was eager and obviously couldn’t wait to make love to her.

I thrust into her with all the passion that my young body could accommodate. She moaned and I groaned. I pounded while she wiggled her body and sent vibrations of orgasm through my body. And just like the first time, we both climaxed together and she fell on top of me before the beautiful hands of sleep took us. Ah… it was perfect. The next morning we woke up to movies. I had picked a horror movie so that she would jump on me each time something scary happened. When the movie was done, she was literally in my arms.

I gently placed a kiss on her forehead as she faced the TV.

She quickly turned to look at me with desire and she lifted her face to meet mine and planted a kiss on my lips. I responded immediately and we kissed like lovers.
Her lips were soft and wrapped against mine like she did not have teeth. I slowly undressed her and smiled at her beautiful features. She was quick and I was ready. I helped her rest softly on the couch and skillfully took off my clothes without taking y eyes off her. She had a slight smile on her face all through.

I leaned into her and kissed her while I directed my hard member into her, feeling her kiss me even harder as I went in slowly. I moved in slow pace and she also moved up her waist to meet me halfway. She liked it slow and sensual, and I had no problem with that. We didn’t speak all through; just passionate slow love making, and a climax of joy in the end. Our sex was never the same. Sometimes she liked it slow, other times; I took it to fast and furious level. I just prayed in my heart that when next I cheated, and I knew that I would, she won’t catch me or hear of it.

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