College sex Adventures Part-2

College student's blowjob

College sex Adventures Part-2

From part 1 of College sex adventures

I wanted to walk up to her and kiss those dazzling lips, but then I was unsure of what her true motives were. What if I was wrong about my assumptions of her interest in me? I could get in serious trouble. So I shook my head sadly in response to her question and took a defeated bow out of her office. As I closed the door behind me, her words rang in my head. What could I possibly offer her? She was an assistant lecturer in a reputable school, and she had all that she needed… But… did she mean what I thought she meant? I sure hoped she did.


vrushali, the sorority girl I had met, was the same age as me but she was in her second year while I was a freshman. She was really helpful in getting me settled and showing me all that I needed to know. I went out on my first date with her, and then the second date. On the third date, she kissed me. Nothing happened between us that night but I we continued to talk and I took her on another date. She said that she liked my choice of venue and I grinned from both sides. That night she went back to my dorm with me and I was surprised at how wild she was. There was truly another side to every sorority girl!

I poured her some wine and she drank it all in one gulp. She said she did not want any second thoughts while she did what she had planned for me. I prayed in my mind that it was what I wanted, and it seemed like my prayers were swiftly answered because she leaned closer to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I needed no further invitation so I returned the kiss and we indulged in a round of passionate kissing while my hands found their way to the hem of her shirt.

I lifted it up while I explored her mouth with mine. She helped me ease it out of her by lifting her hands. I gladly let my hands work on her soft feminine endowments while soft moans escaped her lips. She was very excited and every delicate part of her body was all too proud to show this fact. I got undressed in record time and before you could say Jake Hanson, I was already on my favorite position on top the woman I now loved with all of my heart.

I kissed her lips, and traced it down her neck and rested on her chest. When I looked up at her, her eyes were closed. She was somewhere in a world of her own… a world of pleasure. My tongue found the amazing taste of her succulent mounds, and I sucked, interchanging, and using my free hand to squeeze the softest flesh I had held.

The other of my hand went down her belly…slowly and deeper down, under the elastic bands of her underwear. She moaned. Oh my, she was soaking my fingers with her nectar. I kissed her lips again, shutting her up as I positioned myself to thrust into her. She moaned loudly inside my mouth as she felt the strength of each thrust. She was amazing and sweet. Our bodies glued together like they were a perfect pair made from the same pod. And then we climaxed together. II stiffened as she convulsed her fluids in the passion of love.

The next day we had a frat party and my friends and I had a little drinking competition. We were soon joined by other members and some sorority girls. It turned into a game and before we knew it, the rules changed and anyone who failed a question had to either take down a gulp or take off an item of clothing.

Before long, a few of us were in our underwear and soon, one of the girls had to take off her bra. Despite how bold she was, she still felt a little shy and when the truth or dare part came on; she was dared to take one of the guys into one of the rooms and give him a blow job.
She looked around and finally chose me. I did not know how to feel because I was scared that news of it would reach vrushali. When we got into the room, it turned out that she liked me a lot and we did a whole lot more than a blow job.
She said that she had only come to the party because of her hopes to see me.

She had always been too shy to say anything to me, but the alcohol had done its magic this time, and since her bra was already off, she wasted no time in taking off what was left of her clothes. I stood there, happy and skeptical. I couldn’t back away from this… it was just a one-time thing. And so when she moved closer and kissed me, I responded without further ado.

She might not have been as beautiful as vrushali, but what she lacked in beauty; she made up for that in her kissing skill. The size of her chest was very remarkable, and my hands had a lot to explore, much to her delight. She got rid of my remaining clothes with just one hand like a pro. She sure was a freak. She kissed my lips some more and soon diverted the attention of her mouth to my firm tummy. I looked up and caught my eyes, giving me a sexy smile before moving her mouth lower and lower… god! I closed my eyes as she let her tongue do all the work.

When she felt it that I was beginning to jerk, she planted her hands on top a table in the room and I moved in behind her and slid in deeply.

She muffled her moans to prevent the others outside from hearing her sounds. But I was sure that they already knew what was going on. We finished up and left the room, only to be welcomed by a loud cheer as the others saw us.

But just as I had feared, it didn’t take long before Cassandra somehow got wind of what had happened and when she asked me, I didn’t deny it. She was very furious and I couldn’t blame her. I even tried to lie that it was just a blow job and I didn’t have a choice but she wouldn’t have any of that.

I have more of this College sex adventures story which I’ll continue in part 3