My first night was the best


I am a good looking man as said by many of my friends so that was the reason that many good looking females were my friend. I had made many ones happy as per their wish and when the right time came for me to get married then I wanted to marry a woman who can show me her behaviours like a city girl. I was much concerned about the sexual pleasure as I had the feelings that the city girls are more open and hence I can finally enjoys the best moments with them.

I was confident of getting married to a city girl and hence started looking for the city girl only. One day when I was coming from shop to my home in village then I saw a good looking woman and I was not sure about her belonging to the city or not as she really have given the best impression. I started inquiring about her and then my parents made me to marry that woman.

I had no objection of her belonging but when I came in my room for the first night pleasure then I gave her a cloth to wear and sleep with me. She took that with a better interest. It was a sexy gown which was revealing a lot of sexy parts of her body. She really looked very hot to me and my erection was also at his best. She came close to me and then we started kissing each other. Till this point she has really impressed me as she too was taking the best interest in sexual pleasure.

Then I get naked and showed her my penis. It seemed that she liked that size of mine as she bend down and started sucking that. She sucked that for a better pleasure of mine for a longer time. I was more desperate to see her naked and when I made her naked then her behaviour was watchable thing as she does not showed any kind of shyness and she has got the clean pussy for that special first night.

I too liked that very much and licked her pussy. This really went better for us as we both have got the best enjoyment in our oral works. She then took my penis and put that on her pussy and asked me to fuck her very hard as I would have not imagined. I got encouraged and then started very aggressively to fuck her. I got very speedy and made her moan like a bitch.

I kept changing the fucking positions and then finally I got the sperms out on her naked body. We slept together that night in a naked condition. In the morning she came to me in a very sexy dress and slept on my naked body. I woke up and when I saw her in that dress then I fucked her again in the morning. She had already taken bath so she went out of room and when I asked her about her experience then she was almost like me as she too wanted to have better open sex relation with her husband which she found in me.