Desi Sex in Honeymoon at resort

Desi Sex is a Passion

Desi sex is a great passion for other people, but for we Indians, it is a gift. We enjoy this sex each and every time of life. From our first sex experience with GF, wife, and aunties, we get Desi Sex only. Let us tell you the story of first night when I went for a honeymoon with  my wife. We stayed at a resort in Lucknow. The city of nawab’s has its own style and passion. After having dinner, I took a little of whisky. It made me passionate and a little rough to fuck the newly married bride. Although I was experienced one, she was a virgin. I knew this.

Desi sex with virgin bride is a dream

We were on the bed, I directly did not started sex activities, we were watching a romantic movie on the tv and when the kissing scene started on the screen, she had a glance over me and was smiling. I understood, I held her hands gently and kissed them. She smiled again and it encouraged me to proceed further. Then I kissed her forehead. She was lovely obedient wife, with good sanskaras. There was a respect in her eyes, and I knew she would submit herself without any resistance. But still I needed to make her feel easier with me. I hugged her, kissed her lips and then she was lying on the bed, I stripped her slowly. first her blouse, bra and then sari. wow, a milky white virgin was before me.

I started kissing her naked body, passionately in crazy manner, she started moaning and responding with reactions. I licked her ass very well and inserted a finger with very discomfort. She almost cried when I inserted but it was my strategy to make her feel a little discomfort. Now I was licking her pussy, she was murmuring with uhh aahh love me, yess, I love you darling. And after that I enjoyed the desi Sex. If you want to do Online Desi sex, then click here