Femme scandale

When looking back at the scenes of the history of Indian cinema one cannot just omit the role that this has played in the percolation of the term motion picture in the minds of India. Movie goers of different states used to admire the Actors and actresses of Hindi movies even though they had a mainstream vernacular movie field. Hindi Actresses were the first to sow the seeds of favorite actress figures in India. Recently Hindi actresses have hit news for some other reasons though.

Hindi actresses were also involved in the best B grade and C grade movies in India. Movie goers frequented the same shows in the same theaters just to glance at their dream girl getting nude or lasciviously dancing for them. It’s quite innocent if you look back at those scenes, the usual dress code was a tight fitting corset and high gloss lipstick in tune with the Hollywood costume. Purana Mandir and Hatyarin like horror movies showed very beautiful females tormented by a phantom or a ghost. These too showed the actresses talking with double meaning, wearing a swimsuit and in risque scenes with the actor. There was a duo involved usually a friend of the hero who would camp with them with another female who did the semi nude stuff. Oh! not to forget the Jungli she was from the forest nearby and the beautiful daughter of the Forest Wise Man and would perform a cleavage showing, thigh exposing ritual dance. Soon came the wet saree scenes in movies like Ram Tera Ganga Maili. This was a box office hit with Mandakini in the wet sari scene near the water fall. Nobody would forget her showing her wonderful boobs through the wet white sari. This still stays on for the old and young generation alike. There came out other movies following its tracks that showed semi nudity in the movie scenes. We owe a lot to them for moulding our minds and they still do an awesome job in being in the news for their wardrobe malfunctions.