Enjoyed Indian Boobs Filled With Milk

Sexy Lady Dimple's hot Indian Boobs
Sexy Lady Dimple's hot Indian Boobs

Mr. Sam was busy staring at the milk filled Indian boobs of  Dimple while he introduced himself to Mrs Soni. He was peeking at the Dimple’s hot Indian boobs every now and then. In fact, Sam loves big Indian boobs as every second guys do, Dimple’s big Indian boobs full of milk was enough to make the pre-cum ooze out of his cock and was experiencing just that. Dimple didn’t came with the baby there,  time was nearing for her to feed. Soon she took some soft drink with snacks and left towards the flat.

Meanwhile in the party, Angel and Sush were busy chatting to Dave who was telling about his newly opened health club. Dave is really good in talking to the ladies and he convinced both of them. Sush was annoyed to notice that Dave is showing rather more interest in Angel than her. She decided to open herself up and show off features a little more. Sush was wearing a low cut mini skirt and it was revealing a lot. She sat with her legs crossed, giving Dave a good view of her Pink colour G-string panties and Mr Dave being forced by the nature of guys, started paying more attention towards her.

Their gossips continued and everyone started having long awaited dinner now. As soon as the dinner finished, people steadily made a move towards their home. People were now looking forward for maiden night in their new flats; evidently they were expecting a better things from here on. Garry also reached in his apartment, he found his wife Dimple moaning loudly. It was pitch dark in the room and he could just hear her moaning. He really didn’t knew what was going on there. He hurriedly went to see there as he thought his wife was having sex with someone else.

Dimple didn’t utter even a single word, she gently switched on the lights. She pointed towards her ailing boobs which were already open and hanging out. Garry understood what was going on and felt a huge sigh of relief. She was moaning because her breasts were full of milk and the kid didn’t sucked it for long. So she wanted someone to suck her breasts now. Garry gently scolded her, why you didn’t told me to come early from the party. He smiled and went down to her breasts. He lied down on her lap like a baby and put his lips on her breasts filled with milk. Because her breasts were full of milk, they were very hard. He was finding it difficult to squeeze them. He started sucking her nipples.

Milk came out of Indian boobs to his mouth speedily. He now sucked her nipples harder and harder. Slowly Dimple’s breast became softer. She asked Garry to move on to the other nipple. Like a good kid Garry did the same with the next one too and some time later it started feeling lighter.

Now the uneasiness almost ended for her and look relaxed. Since the Indian boobs had become softer now, Garry was able to fondle with her boobs with his hand. He kept sucking one while squeezing the other one. Dimple’s mind was now relieved from the pain, and pleasure took its place. Now Dimple started moaning in pleasure and even Garry was feeling horny by hearing these arousing sounds coming out of Dimple’s mouth.