Desi bhabhi’s very private home pictures

My name is Nidhi and got married 4 years ago. I am a housewife and my hubby works in an IT company.

This morning I noticed that there seems to a leakage in the taps in our kitchen and bathroom. So I was busy finding some plumber to get the problem fixed.

I went to a nearby shop and checked with the shop keeper about a plumber in this area. The shop keeper said that construction work is going on the street next to the shop and If I go there I will for sure find a Plumber. That was a good idea and I headed towards the construction site. When I checked with the workers over there in the site, they called a guy named Tarun.

I told him about the problem in taps. He said, “ I will come tomorrow early in the morning around 7 and check it.” 7 AM seemed quite early to me but I agreed because I didn’t want this to be delayed.
After our conversation, I went back home. It was around 10 pm and my hubby also reached home.

The next morning, my husband left for the company. After some time Tarun, the plumber came to the house. I was in the kitchen wearing a night gown. My nightgown typically is a body-revealing. I usually don’t wear a bra while in the home. And to tell more about my structure, I am healthy, about 5.7″ tall and my breast size is 38DD! I know that is very huge.

As he started fixing the tap he was continuously staring at my boobs.
“I am not wearing a bra”, I whispered.
He got shocked by hearing from me.
“I have never seen such huge breasts mam.” He said.
“You have not seen those yet,” I replied with a mischevious smile.
He was happily surprised as he was about to get to see those melons.
“There is no one around us”, I said.

I removed the gown. Now his popping eyes were staring at my busty boobs and I was shamelessly facing naked him.

I told him to fix the tap in the bathroom while I take a bath. So he, with his erected tool started his work and I was bathing nude in front of him.

When he finished his work, I let him touch my boobs. He was the luckiest Plumber who got to feel housewife’s such huge breasts.