Checking the milk


It was a typical holiday for me. The junior college was closed for summer vacation. I had nothing much to do at home. Hot summer heat was what my parents were worried about, and they insisted I stayed indoors until evenings. I had to oblige.

That day, I was really uneasy in the home. I tried to watch some TV, read some books but could not stick to any. In our flats, I had a friend, Sonu, in the floor above ours.

Ten minutes later I was at Sonu’s front door, knocking. His mother answered the door. She was wearing a bathrobe. I asked her if Sonu was home. “No, Munna, he’s visiting his cousin today. He will be back tomorrow.” Sonu’s mom is good looking. My instant comparison is that she has got much bigger tits than my mom. I felt disappointed to know that Sonu is not there. I waved her bye and left. As I walked down the stairs, Sonu’s mom called me, ‘Munna, can you come here for a minute?’

I promptly went back. She closed the door behind me and said, ‘Munna, can you help me with the books up there? ‘ I said I will. She pulled a stool and asked me to climb on it. I did. She asked me to take the books from the top shelf and give them to her, she would dust them. I did. She stood by the side of the stool. As I was handing her books, I noticed her big tits from the top angle. I could see a deep cleavage from her low-necked nightgown. Instantly my cock sprang up. I was in shorts and I did not have any underwear. I was a little uncomfortable because my dick was showing in my shorts. The shorts were really short and any more growing of my cock would make it visible from the bottom of the shorts.
I tried to hide it by turning the other side. Then I realized that her face was exactly at my cock’s height. I tried to hand over the books to her without turning to her side. She asked, ‘what happened, Munna. Any problem?’ I said, ‘nothing’. But I felt my cock growing eternally. I was too frightened to look at my cock.

She called me loudly, ‘Munna. What is happening? Why are you not handing me the books properly? Did you get something in your eyes? Turn this side let me see your eyes?’ I did not turn. She held my hips with both hands and turned me towards her. As I turned towards her, my swollen cock was clearly visible from inside my shorts. It was so thick, it brushed her face. I was stunned. She was shocked. I was frightened that she would admonish me.

She said, ‘Mmmm…you are grown up, Munna. What did you see that made this grow this much?’, she asked. I did not say a word. ‘Is it me that made this happen? That’s good. It is a nice compliment’ she said.

‘Now, get down and I will thank you for giving such compliment’ she moved back and waited for me to climb down the stool. I came down. She went back to a huge sofa and sat smilingly. She waved me to come to her. I walked to her. She held my hand and pulled me closer. ‘Wouldn’t you tell me what made you so hard, dear?’ I looked at her half-exposed boobs. She caught my eyes and looked down at her boobs. ‘Oh…these? Do you like them? Do you want to see them?’ she asked.

I nodded my head. ‘ok, you take them out yourself and see’, she left my hand and fell back on the sofa. I waited for a moment. ‘hey, what are you waiting for?’ she insisted. I moved my hands towards her boobs. My hands were shaking. I inserted my hands into her nightgown and touched her boobs. My heart skipped a beat. They were so soft. I slowly held them tight and lifted them up, out of her clothing. Whooo….they were like two big balls. I could not believe that I was actually holding boobs of my friend’s mom. I was staring at them. She laughed and said, ‘you may check if they still give milk’. I hesitated. She pulled my head towards her tits. My mouth spontaneously took one nipple and sucked. I did that for a few moments, changing the boobs. After about half an hour, she pushed me back and said, ‘That’s it, Munna. Now, go back home and relax. And, don’t you ever tell anything about this to anyone. If you don’t tell, I will let you suck my tits again tomorrow. Ok?’

I promised I would not tell anyone. And I went the next day to check if I could get some milk.