Indian passion

Indian passion for sex and sex related entertainment is unimaginable. Even around the globe when you compare it with India or China, the interest in sex is extremely high. May be that is the reason we share the honour of being the leading nations in population. Indian passion for sex is already proved with the elaborate sculptures and drawings in temples and to over rule it all we are the proud creators of kamasutra. The bible of sex around the world.

Indian passion for sex is also being seen in today’s world of internet. Open your internet and search for Indian sex and you will be surprised to see the number of sites dedicated to Indian sex. But the worst part is that Westerners are dominating in presenting our Indians with our own version of Indian sex. The number of visitors to these sites, especially Indians is not surprising, but around the world, non Indian visitors are amazingly high. Reason, Indians have got the attention of the world with our beautification of sex and the amount of respect we Indians show for sex.