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Saturday night is to get drunk

After the exhausting weekdays and a half painful Saturday; Sabina bhabhi decided to kill her Saturday night in club. And she did it nicely; she had a fantastic night in club accompanied with long time boyfriend Vikas and a couple of glasses full of whiskey. Vikas had to carry this big ass bhabhi to her apartment; she was so high on alcohol. Her speech was stuttering and her legs were trembling; let alone the idea of she driving back to her home.

Vikas prepared her bed and he himself stayed back at bhabhi’s place. This was weekly routine of this big ass bhabhi who got divorced from her husband few years back. She is in a very high position in the organization and draws salary which can envy most of executives. And on every Saturday night she gets drunk like a boar. And then there is Sunday morning; when she gets fucked like a amateur naughty girl. And today we are here to show you that special fucking which falls almost every Sunday; unless Sabina is abroad or in remote area for meeting.

Sunday morning fucking of big ass bhabhi

Sabina bhabhi was sleeping on the sofa only. She was having a hangover and Vikas came in the room. He was all set to have some sex with this big ass bhabhi. And even Sabina did not mind for it.

She positioned herself nicely; just like a doggy style. Vikas shook his dick a little and made sure it was ahrd enough to penetrate the pussy walls. And then he slowly pushed his dick inside her cunt. Sabina bhabhi gave a moan but adjusted nicely with the dick. And there started the slow fucking of this big ass bhabhi. You can watch her lying idle for Vikas to fuck her. Vikas banged her for some time and when he was about to ejaculate he took out his dick from her pussy. And he sprayed all his hot cum on big ass of Sabina bhabhi.

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