My neighbour hot aunty

Aunty at best
Aunty at best

I and Abhishek was good friend and we used to live in the same society. One day a family had shifted to my neighbour home and to get close to the new one is the choice of many people so we two had the same feeling. One day we came to see the aunty who had come in that neighbouring house, at first we thought that it must be the daughter in the family but when his small son came in the balcony then we got the confirmation that it is aunty only.

She has made a good impression on we two and we wanted to get close to that aunty. The only advantage we both had that she as my neighbour and we explored that to get to her home. Soon we get close to her and whenever she has to get anything or if she sees me going out then she used to ask me to bring something for her as well by giving me the money. This way we really were able to get close to her.

One day I and Abhishek went to her house in the morning with a reason to play with her small son but our intention was to see that hot aunty. She left us with her son in the hall and she went into the bathroom for bath. We had now the best time to see her naked and then we get aggressive in finding a place through which we could she her inside. As we struggled in finding the way to see her naked then suddenly we had the best way in the reflection of water which was showing the image of her in the water near the door.

We bent down and started seeing her naked body in the pouring water. She was really having best breasts and looked very impressive in that. We had got our penises harder and when we saw her wearing the clothes then we get back to her son. He was sleeping at that time and then she was out from the bathroom. It looked that she has seen us watching her as she was looking at us in a different way. She called both of us in the bedroom where she removed her clothes and presented her naked body.

She asked us to do whatever we can. It was a clear invitation to both of us and we had been waiting for this time only. We too get naked and then she sat near us to lick our penises. She did that superbly well. She then laid on the bed where she called me near her mouth to lick my penis and Abhishek was on her down side where he has got the opportunity to fuck her clean pussy. He made the strokes and then she asked us to shift the position. Now I had that opportunity to fuck her pussy which I really did at the best from my side. That went really well as we both ejaculated together on her face.