My friend’s elder sister


I was just 19 when I had started to go to the college along with my friend Atul. He was very close to me so whenever I was on the way to the college then I used to catch him from his home. One day when I went to his home then her elder sister Samita opened the doors and made me to sit inside. I waited for five minutes then I asked her about Atul as we would get late for the college then she relies that he has already left for the college.

I started fast to get away from there but found the door locked. I asked Samita who was 27 for the keys as the door was locked. She asked me to come to her room and collect the same. I rushed towards her room and when I entered inside then I was shocked to see Samita who was lying on the bed in the lingerie. I had never seen any woman in a real way and hence she has really attracted me.

Her one hand was inside her panty and the other was rubbing her big boobs. I took the key and then turned back. She asked me to wait and then I stopped at the same time as she came close to me and started rubbing her hands on my pant. I was feeling hard as she was really rubbing the same in a very impressive way that my penis size grew better. She pulled my pant down and took the penis in her fold.

She really had made me crazy as I forget about my college and though to enjoy with her in her house for the day. She too asked me to wait till I get the best satisfaction from her. She was a married woman but her looks were really very attractive. Her boobs were awesome as she opens her lingerie to show me her naked body. I enjoyed watching her and then she made me totally naked to play with her.

She gets back to the bed and starts showing me her clean pussy in a better way. I got attracted and jumped on the best to enjoy with her. She really has impressed me and when I started playing with her naked body then she asked me to fuck her pussy and gave me a packet of condom. I wear that and inserted the penis inside her.

I made fast strokes and it looked as I would finish soon and that happened. She then asked me to wait for more and the next time I really got her better and fucked for a longer time. I really enjoyed my sex experience with her which was amazing. She too took me better and then she asked me to come at any time as her parents have gone out for a week. I too took off from my college and explored the best sex experience with Samita who was really an experienced lady.