‘Rub’ ne bana do jodi- Wet and Sexy Train Story


I had a true wet experience. Hope my wet experience will make you go wet and more we as you read and enjoy, irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman. It was a rather warm day but fortunately, I got ready quite early. Taking bath a little later would have made it an encounter with heat all the more because the water in the overhead tank heats up like nobody’s business. I had gone shopping the day before with my two friends, Malini and Durga. I bought a bunch of things from Palika Bazaar and the thing which topped my list was this peach color Kurti. It made my pear-shaped body look all the more curvy and sexy since it was of perfect length and it was mildly transparent. Durga didn’t have the mood to go with us so, here we were, just Malini and I waiting in the Metro Station and the train arrived. We got in and it was a long distance. Pretty long and we didn’t have a seat to sit. I was standing near one of the rods to hold on to it. I have a wild fantasy whenever I see a rod in train or a bus and I hold on to them straight, I imagine myself to be a stripper who is doing some sexy pole dancing. Automatically, my body becomes sort of tight to show some toning up and my figure automatically looks sexier. When I hold the rod with my hand, I hold it right in front of my bosom. So, it looks like as if the rd is splitting my body and more so my boobs perfectly. Two round magical breasts, which look like leaf-shaped soaps on either side have gotten men drooling over them like crazy. It has also got many awkward stares from women but maybe it’s just that they are really jealous of my breasts and what they are doing to the lusty, horny men. It was very cold in Delhi and probably wearing this semi-transparent Chikankari Kurti was not a good idea….it was the best idea to do. The cold hit my back and time and again I felt a tingling sensation like as if a guy’s cold fingers were running through my bare body and back trying desperately to reach my boobs in the front to give me a feeling of heat in my cunt in weather so cold. It was the best thing to do for another reason. It gave me the guarantee that one man at least, one man was going to be turned on by me and I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire coach saw me, stared and me and men had erections. The cold had hit my breasts and I was shivering little. Due to such cold, the nipples became erect. It was a perky beauty anyway and now it made it all the more appealing when it became erect and gave the impression of my nipples through the Kurti. I saw around as I stood close to the rod. It was first of all the erect nipples and secondly, the way I was holding it to show it very tightly against my clothes. I saw the faces of men and women and I continued to have fun. It was almost like I was getting what I wanted. I saw a young professional walk over from far away to a position closer to me and he sort of stood close enough. As I was holding the rod with my hand, he placed his hand on the rod too. His hand was closer to my neck and it was in fact close enough to give me the kind of heat that I needed in my panties. From closer to my neck, the positioning of the hand was changing. He was taking his hands downwards. He stopped at a position which was between my neck and my heavy pair of boobs. He pulled it a little more down and he was almost there. Just a little step more and he will reach his target and mine too. He did in no time. He was touching my breasts with the backside of his hand and what began as a small and gentle touch and fondling turned into a super hot session where he literally ended tweezing and pulling my nipples. He was doing magic to my horny pussy and I was going wild down under. He placed his hands and rest his palms on my breasts. We had not seen each other in the eye but silently had made each other horny as fuck. I slid slowly from holding my hand in the centre to bring both of my breasts on one side and pressing it between the rod and my forearm. The guy, already turned on found it hard to control himself and let himself free when he put his hand over and pressed it like as if he was feeling a ripe mango. This was the juncture when we actually stopped caring as to what people might think or say and we completely gave in to the fun that we were having on the moving train. The best part was that both of us hadn’t seen each other and we were just doing things to each other as if we were bound to do it through some implied permission from each other. The atmosphere was getting thicker and heavier and he removed his hands from my breasts and slowly moved away a little apart. I began wondering if his act was over or what was he really upto…? He moved backwards and stood behind me. I heaved a sigh of relief and the turning on was getting too much now and I just wanted him to come with me fuck each other. He came closer and closer to my body and we were almost sticking to each other. He held me by my waist gently and pulled my ass a little closer to him. His cock, hard as stone and really really masculine was touching my ass as he held me tightly, almost gripping and started dry humping me, which just literally made me feel so hot and wet at the same time. First started off slowly and in a minute or so, he went on full aggressive and I was having the most wet and sexy time of my life. I felt so damn hot and richly wet in my cunt and the oozing of wet liquid just wasn’t stopping that I felt like any moment my vagina might tear out. The announcement in the train shattered our fuck session. He grabbed his bag and got ready to leave as his station arrived. He was going to his office. I wonder how he would have or could have concentrated on work that day!