Dark black mail


I was nervous for some reason that day. I was in this wonderful MILF’s room and ready to fuck her. We have been going straight for some days now! I told her that I had a feeling that we were being watched. She dressed up quickly and went to the window and watched outside. Nobody was there and she came back, but I lost the mood and my dick was down. But she did not allow me to go saying she needed it again. I sat on the sofa and she sat on the ground in between my legs and sucked my cock so softly and my dick was back in position within a few minutes.

I asked her to stand on the sofa in doggy position again, and fucked her from behind. This I hammered her so strongly that some strange was head from her pussy same like the flapping of the some wet clothes. The sound made me horny and I knew was completely wet and she may ejaculate any moment. With a loud cry of bliss she climaxed. She hugged me harder and kissed on my lips saying that you have the power to satisfy any women. But my dick was erect and I asked he rot suck and said I want to cum inside her mouth. She accepted my request and sucked my cock and when it was to cum pushed my cock deeper into her mouth and exploded inside her mouth.
est going on my third uncle’s wife Rani came to see me. She was carrying some juice in her hand to give it to me. While she handed the juice to me she was staring me in such way that I had done something wrong with her. I was little afraid to look at her face. But she kept on staring at my face which I got really afraid. Suddenly I remembered about the sound heard while I was enjoying sex with my senior most aunties.

I asked Rani, why you are looking at me like this? She replied I know everything and I will report this to everyone. I asked what you are going to report. Then she said you don’t know what you have done? She was talking in abstract manner which made me tremble with fear. I forced her to say what mistake I have done to her. At last she said to “I make it sure that you will be punished”. Evening you come to my home, I will tell you what you have done. After saying that she again looked into my eyes which so furiously which doubled my heartbeat.

That day in the evening around seven p.m., I went to her house. She was alone there and was waiting for me. I was trembling in fear and stood in front of her with broken words. She took me to kitchen and served me cake and tea. She asked me to eat the cake which I found it difficult because of my fear about the punishment and mistake I had done. Deep in my mind I had an answer, she might have seen me fucking the elder aunty and she wants to report it to all family members.

She came that close to me and rubbed her boobs on my shoulder and asked me, do you love only your elder aunty, I’m also you aunty and much younger to her and more beautiful than her. What we did that day was beyond any sex that I had. Now I have two aunties to please and myself too!

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