Srilankan Aunty Most Beautiful

I met with a srilankan aunty when I was on the tour of Colombo. I went there to see a cricket match between India and England. I stayed in a budgeted hotel and lady on front desk was beautiful and have huge sex appeal. I was almost in love with her when I saw her. That beautiful smile, catty eyes, inviting figure, one word beautiful. When she said hello sir, I felt like thousand volts current has passed from my body.

I didn’t aware that srilankan aunty is so beautiful. Her age must be around 38 but she was looking prettier than young girls. She has asked my choice of drink and food and instruct concern guy and personally took me to my room; I have paid good tip to her and she obliged me with warm hand-shake. At
dinner, I met her on pool side; she was alone and having drink. I sat with her after her kind permission and set the field for myself. I did that had
beautiful night with sexy srilankan aunty.

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