My friends granny


In the last story, I told you how my friend’s grandmother did a blow-job on me. After getting me cum in her mouth, she swallowed all my jizz. Later, she asked me if I would like to see her naked. Of course I would like to.

Without even waiting for me to answer, she stood up before me, and slid her nigh gown down. I was surprised to see her naked before me. Her boobs were huge. Her tits are huge, and a little sagged. Her pussy was full of hair. My dick, which was sloppy till then with the release of jizz, sprang to life immediately.

She said, “Darling, will you do the same thing I did to you?’ I wondered what that meant. But said, ‘yes’.
She told me to kneel down in front of her. I did promptly. She pulled my face towards her pussy. I knew what she meant. She wanted me to lick her pussy. I recalled what I had watched at Amit’s house. I spread her legs apart and put my head between her thighs. Her thighs were soft and I could feel them on my cheeks. Her pussy was fresh with the smell of soap. She pushed my head further into her. Her hairs tingled. I struggled to find her lips. I kissed the lips of her pussy. She bent her knees a little to spread her cunt lips. A strong smell hit my nose. I tried to insert my tongue into her cunt.

She said, ‘Wait, dear. Let me sit’ and sat on the sofa, spreading her legs wide. I now could see her cunt clearly. It was pink inside, and inviting. I put my tongue directly into the pink cunt and heard my granny gasping. I explored her wet cunt with my tongue. With every flick of my tongue, she seemed to be excited, as I knew by her pulling my hair.

After some time, I realized that she was shivering, with violently moving her hips. She must be ready to reach climax. She raised her ass up and pressed her cunt into my face. I continued to suck and lick her soft cunt. Then suddenly, she squealed, “AHHHHH!” She forcefully thrust her ass upward and kept that way for a minute. I felt a flow of juices hit my mouth from her cunt. I understood she had reached her climax.

After that wonderful evening with my friend’s grandmother, we continued doing that everyday. Once I tried to insert my cock into her cunt but she did not allow me to.

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