My first aunty

My First Sex With Neighbor Auntie

My name is Raju and I am sharing my first sex experience when I was 19. I had my room on the roof; separated from family. I was addicted for porn websites and used to do masturbation by seeing porn movies.

One night, I was in my room, seeing movie and was completely nude. I had closed my door but forgot to close my windows. I was seeing the movie and enjoying masturbation. I didn’t notice that my neighbor bhabhe ji was on her roof and watching me. By time, I finished, she came to window and rubbing her boobs and enjoying. Suddenly, I noticed that someone was on window and watching me. I got scared and put off the light, she called by my name and said don’t get worry and open the door. I put on my clothes and opened the door for her and asked is there any work?

She directly asked, since how long this is going on? I said what? She replied the movie which I saw few minute before. I begged her; please don’t tell this to anyone. She said, ok and said if u does the same with me. I said what? Her husband was a professional and most of time was out of town. She was looking me like a hungry cat. I said ok to her and she promised me to come back. She came on roof late in night and called my name from window. I got up and opened my door. All lights were off and I was completely nude. She got inside and shut the door and holds me tight and kissed my lips. Then, she realized that I am nude. She smiled and said; oh you are ready to fuck me hard? I said, I never done real before. She said no problem and untied her clothes and got nude. She asked me to hold tight.

I hugged her tightly. Her boobs were in chest and my dick was touching her pussy line. By this, I got hot and got erected and my dick became small. She said no worry and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking them. It was pinching me and slow and strange voice was coming out from my mouth. She succeeds to charge me again and my dick was saluting her. Then, she lay on my bed and said whatever u seen my porn movies do that. Then, I also laid on her kiss her lips and smooch her lip madly. I was so excited and my dick was tried to enter her pussy. Then, I started to kiss her neck and then sucked her boobs and nipples. She was also hungry for my dick and opened her legs. I pointed my dick on her pussy door and pushed: it misplaced. She said its ok and happened in first time. She put my dick on pussy line and kept in her hands and asked to push. When I pushed it hard, I got shout as my complete skin got up. She felt enjoy as my dick got inside her pussy. And we were starting pushing our body. She was so happy and motivating me for pushing hard. Suddenly, she started pushing fast and holds me tight. I got that she is Cumming out. She cum out and she was happy.

I was on the urge of Cumming. She asked to take out the dick and then she discharged my by her mouth. It was so great and we both were happy. She kissed my dick and promised to have fun ones again.

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