Indian aunty

I Love To Fuck Indian Aunty

My name is Amit and I would love to tell you my first sex encounter which I had with my neighbor Indian aunty. I was 19 and she was 43 that time and she was widow. She had one daughter who was married and one son who was working in his dad’s company. Indian aunty was super hot and very sexy and I really wanted to have sex with her. One day, I was at my roof after dinner and breathing fresh air and suddenly listan some cry from neighbor house and saw Indian aunty was alone in house and she was completely nude and doing masturbation.

I reached to Indian aunty roof and tried to go down. I was lucky that door was open and I came inside and reached to Indian aunty and said, can I help you aunty? She was surprised and tried to hide herself in bed sheet. But, I became shameless and open my clothes in front of her and showed my dick to her. I said aunty, only one but I really want to fuck you. She was liking my big dick and took in her hands and taken in her mouth and gave in a hard mouth fuck.

We both had licked each other and I really fucked her hard and we enjoyed and she loved me very much. Now, whenever we want to have sex pleasure we fuck each other.

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