Desi Masala Sex With Maid – Planned by Wife

Desi Masala Tits
Desi Masala Tits

Wife Sent to Her Mom For Pregnancy.

It was hard time for me when Anjali (my wife) was pregnant. Until last month she was here; and fulfilling my desi masala desires at least by giving me blowjob. Though we did not do conventional pussy sex; but we tried different oral sex positions. Anjali’s mom came last month and took her with her. She was to stay there for next 2 month of her pregnancy and may be more. I started missing her form the very next week she went out. Anjali knew how addicted I was to desi masala sex; so she used to call me and ask how was I doing without her. I did not hide anything and told her that I was really missing her.

She asked me can’t I bear it for next couple of month or not. I said to her very bluntly that I can’t. She kept on smiling and could not just control herself. I told her to shut up on the phone. She asked me if she could arrange for the pussy; what would do in return? I was really shocked…! Was she making fun of me..? Or she was telling a truth? I was not sure so I said her to shut up. She told me that she was not joking and really wanted to help me out. I said Okay and how.

Let me Arrange Sex With Deepa.

I was eager now; as Anjali told me that I can have desi masala sex somehow. Anjali continued and told me that our maid Deepa can sleep with me if she would ask her. Deepa is our maid for 3 years now; she is thin, tall Indian woman of about 34 years of age. Until now I never looked at Deepa with the angle of sex. But now her sexy figure was coming in my mind. She has a pair of boobs; with a deep cleavage. Her ass is perfect round; I was surprised that was stored all intact in my sub-conscious mind. I asked Anjali; are you sure? She said; yes and she also added that I should not take this grated and don’t indulge with Deepa. I said to her if she is not trusting me than she should leave it. But believe me; my desi masala sex eagerness was all time high. Anjali said okay; and asked me to don’t do anything now. She promised me that Deepa would herself start initiative; so I need not to do anything.

Desi Masala Sex With Deepa.

Next Morning; Deepa came in light yellow saree. I was looking at her deep cleavage. She had flowers in her hair and she looked bit polished today. She looked into my eyes and asked; if Anjali asked me anything. I could not believe she was asking this. I was answer-less and her face was asking for it. I said; yes. She started removing her saree and I was able to see her sexy blouse and red color bra in it. I started to get excited by her quick moves; I was all surprised by this. How could Anjali made Deepa do it so swiftly and who Deepa was so quick in accepting that.

I said fuck that crap and let’s concentrate on the desi masala sex. I started to help Deepa in removing her blouse and bra. She had really busty boobs; just like my favorite desi masala movie women (did I mention I am true lover of Desi Masala movies). I started touching her boobs and she started to undo my pants. She was quick in doing that; and soon I was nude in front of her. She sat on her knees and took my dick in her mouth. She started to deep-throat it. She was taking full dick in my mouth and then stroke it with  her wet lips and tongue. It was really an awesome feeling and real hot experience. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying this desi masala mallu type blowjob. She was quick in doing that all for me. Her lips were covering entire area if my dick now.

Now it was all unbearable for me and I knew if she kept on sucking it; I would surely explode all my cum in her mouth. I stopped her sucking my dick and made her stand against the wall. I removed her panties and spanked on her ass. I parted ass cheeks and put my dick in between pussy lips. One stroke and all my dick was in her pussy. I started jerking my dick in it. She started to moan as my dick was being too big for her pussy. She got adjusted in 10 minutes and started moving her ass with my waist. I jerked her hot pussy for more than 10 minutes. Then I exploded all my cum inside her pussy only.

Deepa took out my dick and she started dressing saree again. I went near her and kissed on her lips again. She hugged me tightly and kissed me too. I gave her 300 rupees from my wallet and she felt like she was on moon. I fucked her entire span of two months until Anjali delivered our baby. After her delivery I stopped shagging Deepa. But believe me I still have nightmares about desi masala sex with Deepa sometimes haunt my sleeps. Anjali never told me how she convinced Deepa in so less time. So that stayed mystery as well in my mind…!!!


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